Dinosaur Parts Mod v1.4 (Updated 4/26/21 - Mammals Update)

The modificaton of parts, models and abilities.
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Re: Dinosaur Parts Mod v1.4 (Updated 4/26/21 - Mammals Update)

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Generic_Sporeling wrote: Mon May 16, 2022 2:13 pm Ohhhh... That's what the 4gb patch does? I've heard about it but never bothered to look it up.
As soon as I get a chance I'm going to try and install it. I think this might fix most of the issues, it's probably just all the high poly models.
It would be interesting to see if lowering the poly count on the models would fix the issue.
The parts aren't high poly at all though. Technically yes they are higher poly than Spore's default models, but they're still within normal video game model poly ranges. For comparison, a default Spore mouth would be around 1500 polys, while my raptor's head is 4400, and 4400 is pretty small for game models these days. Not even counting the rest of the body, if you made a 3 headed creature with default mouths you'd already have a higher poly count than a one headed one with the raptor mouth. Considering unmodded Spore has no issue with multiheaded creatures, the poly count of my parts isn't an issue.

If anything I'd say it's much more likely it's the texture files that are causing the issues since that's actually where the majority of file size comes in, I believe default parts use 256x256 or 512x512 texture maps, while my parts use the more modern size of 2048x2048. And when you enter paint mode Spore generates a single texture map for your creature, and to so has to shrink down the texture map of every single part on the creature so they all fit on one map. It's likely that here Spore's running out of memory for you and causing the crashes when you enter paint mode.

Bottom line Spore is a pretty old game at this point, even with the 4 GB patch you'll run into some crashing with mod use. Another space you might want to look into if you're still experiencing crashes is any mods that increase texture resolution, for the most part I have no issue with them but like I mentioned in my last post I do still experience crashes with a very very large adventure I've been working on (heavily modded to be way bigger than a normal adventure). I was able to reduce the number of crashes from constant to just infrequent by uninstalling the texture resolution mods while working in the adventure (I rarely have issues with the texture mods on in normal sized adventures).

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