Share-Safe Music (by Liskomato & 0KepOnline) - 209 new sharable tracks to Adventure Editor

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Share-Safe Music (by Liskomato & 0KepOnline) - 209 new sharable tracks to Adventure Editor

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This mod adds 209 audio tracks found from Spore and Galactic Adventures' files into the adventure editor, making them selectable as act background music. All of the music tracks found in this mod can be played even with the mod uninstalled, thanks to the way act background music works in adventures.

How does this work? (Technical explanation)
This mod is, in practice, the same as any other music made for GA. However, what makes this mod special is that instead of adding completely new music tracks into the game, the mod instead references existing audio tracks already found in-game, which means that even if you uninstall the mod, the adventure will still reference those audio tracks that are already found in-game, and plays them without knowing better.

HOWEVER, this doesn't extend into the nodes placed into the editor, as is usually added with music mods. If you try to play adventures that have these music tracks placed into a planet with a node (Note: NOT as act music!), they will get replaced if you don't have the package including those nodes installed. However, if there is demand for it, a version of the mod can be made which includes placeable node versions of the music tracks found in this mod. The intent here being if you really wanted to and don't particularly care about sharability at that moment.

Link to the GitHub repository

  • 0KepOnline - Initial discovery of the exploit, Sporepedia sorting, cleanup
  • Liskomato - Selection of tracks to be added with the mod, initial prototypes, distribution to testers
Testers / Assistants

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