Multiple Galaxies Mod?

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Multiple Galaxies Mod?

Unread post by gerbilgiblit01 »

I recently discovered the way spore world saves are stored.
The whole galaxy is stored in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Spore\Games\game0
This way, species between spore saves can interact in the space stage. When you've gone to space stage in multiple games, this can get annoying, as you may have to battle your own creatures.
The galaxy being in a folder called "game0" implies that there could be more galaxy saves, but this is not the case.
What I'm wondering is: is it possible that someone could add a form of UI to the main menu that allows you to choose to load from multiple galaxies whenever you want to switch between them? Ie a menu opens when you click the button, allowing you to select between game0, game1, game2, game3, etc
This would be great if someone could figure it out. I'd seriously be grateful. :D

i have no clue what i am doing at all
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