Command and Conquer Rivals - Rainbow GDI Mod (Download available!)

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Command and Conquer Rivals - Rainbow GDI Mod (Download available!)

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Hey all, after a little work, I present the next mod for Command and Conquer Rivals!

Rainbow GDI Mod
This mod simply changes the skins of all GDI units to have a rainbow like texture. This mod has been tested on both BlueStacks and Android, using a Samsung S21. I do not own an Apple device to test this on, so if you do, let me know! I also feel if it is possible on Apple, I can resolve the glitchy Tiberium texture for those who experience it.

Command and Conquer Rivals - Rainbow GDI Mod Preview #1

Modding Tutorial


Download here:

For both BlueStacks and Android users, you have a few methods of installing.
- Rar app, without the use of a PC. ... l=US&pli=1
Use Rar to extract an move files all in one tool!

- WinRar for the PC.
Use WinRar to extract the files, then manually transfer the files.

Unpack the mod and paste the files into the folder in this directory; Internal storage\Android\data.

It may prompt you to overwrite the files, accept if so.

And that's it, done!

Some known issues...
Some units do not always have their skins replaced on the first try, most commonly the Rifleman, Predator, Titan, and Mammoth for GDI and the Militant, Flame tank, Inferno and the Widowmaker. You can navigate to these directories to see if they copy over in the\published.texture_etc\models\units directory. They will be empty if it did not transfer. The game tries to prevent game manipulation, and you may need to reinstall the skins on any update(*rolls eyes*), like the Battering Ram.
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