Captain Voice Diversity - No longer same voice for every player captain!

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Captain Voice Diversity - No longer same voice for every player captain!

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This mod requires the Spore ModAPI Launcher Kit to install and play properly!
Download it here

YouTube video showcase:

For the last 13 years in Spore: Galactic Adventures, captains whom you've played as through loads of adventures have always had the same, gruff mammal voice, despite their NPC counterparts in adventures always having their original sentient voices (be they insects or birds, mammals don't count) intact. This has been especially noticeable in EVERY talk-to cutscene you could possibly imagine, and what's worse tribal creatures would actually have those original voices intact, and even worse, work in every instance of adventures featuring such creatures!

Captain Voice Diversity rectifies this issue by making it so that every sentient species from Civ stage and upwards will now retain their original voices in Galactic Adventures, much in like to the tribal species who already had this issue corrected by themselves. This mod also expands its utilities to the outfitters and editor previews connected to them, making it so that you always have a consistent experience when making insect- and bird-mouthed creatures in Spore from Civ upwards.

Unfortunately, expanding this mod to include Civilization and Space stages is not likely in the near future, not at least without extensive work on making sure every voice type (birds, insects and mammals) have equivalent voice files in voice calls relevant to those stages. So you will thus far have to get used to only hearing these diverse voices in GA and the editors. But, if you're a sort of person mainly frequenting Spore in those areas of the game, I'm sure you will gain a load of benefit from installing this mod. :D

You can download this mod from here

Special thanks
  • Splitwirez, Plencka (Mrs. White/Auntie Owl), emd4600, Rosalie and VanillaCold/ChocIce75 for helping out with coding the mod and overall research.

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