crash, Flexible Editor Camera, background

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crash, Flexible Editor Camera, background

Unread post by AsNodt »

i have 2 computers
on one PC1, no matter what I do, everything works fine
on the second PC2 everything is absolutely the same but does not work
1 with Flexible Editor Camera option immediately crash
2 background from the dark injector does not work
3 very common crashes
4 infinite difficulty not working
5 and more... (but work parts, ui and others )
all other mods work
What I did?
1 game root folder
2 roaming/spore
3 documents/my spore creation
4 regedit cleaned everything
reinstalling a clean game
dark injector installation
and all the same nothing helped (crash with flexible editor camera and all others problems)
tried various force save mods, etc.
only 1 left reinstall windows but at the moment there is no option for me

any ideas?
mb missing some file like some .dll i dont know :cry:

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Re: crash, Flexible Editor Camera, background

Unread post by Davo »

what version of spore? like steam, origin, GoG?
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Re: crash, Flexible Editor Camera, background

Unread post by DarkCat5544 » you have any other mods installed? If so, what are they?
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