Civ stage boost/fix

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Civ stage boost/fix

Unread post by Sigur »

I just want things to go smoother than they are for an attempted Economic run. Less aggro maybe, no sudden demands for war and the like.

Alright, maybe it's on me for starting in Hard mode and picking a difficult target archetype with a difficult-er path to it, but Civ stage is driving me totally nuts. I do not want to open that command prompt for any purpose, as is my usual strategy for getting past this absolute mistake of a stage, but I started Religious, want to be Economic, and taking that singular Eco city insta-aggroes the entire map, because Hard mode, that's why.

Yes, yes, the point of Hard mode is Hard game, but this is not hard, this is impossible, and that's no fun. If there's already a mod like this, I would love to be pointed in the right direction. If there's something in the config I could change to achieve this effect, that would work for me too.

I used to make dragons, but now I make just about everything. Huge thanks to rob55rod and CamBen for their hard work on their part mods, which make my pastime a lot more interesting.
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Re: Civ stage boost/fix

Unread post by darknight241 »

what I want! :)
i'm actually dark night, not dark knight!
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