civilization hard... made easier

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civilization hard... made easier

Unread post by zambo »

i've tried civilization stage on hard
(more like gotten halfway and kept restarting because RED AND BLUE NATION)
and it seems to be near impossible once you've gone too far.
my idea is that enemy nations need to chill out with the cars.. why do you want that tiny city anyway?!?!

someone should make a mod, that makes nations less crazy with the cars, because once you've wiped out the 15 cars they sent to take over your city, they've already dropped 20 more!

  • enemy nations buy less vehicles(like a cooldown of some sort that limits them to 10 every 5 minutes or something alike)
  • enemy nations focus less firepower on a small city (i dont know how this one would be done)
  • enemies lose interest in claiming a city faster
if a mod like this already exists, please link

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