Show your empire on the numbers of system stars.

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Show your empire on the numbers of system stars.

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We can read the badge empire numbers of system stars.

New Badge Empires 6 and 7.
Badge Empire 6: over 1,000 on system stars.
Badge Empire 7: over 2,500 on system stars. (The Grox had 2,400 system stars too close to 2,500)

New Badge Colonist 6 and 7.
Badge Colonist 6: peace over 1,000 buildings in your colonies.
Badge Colonist 7: peace over 10,000 buildings in your colonies.

Your someone player needs 250 or 1,000 on system stars but all players don't need 1,000 or too many system stars. We work at more colonies on system stars too many and very long time.

Here download link:
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