Tribal Tuning

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Tribal Tuning

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Tribal Tuning Mod

UFO appears less
Fruit Decay Time is longer
Babies hatch and grow faster
Chieftain respawns faster
You start with 5 tribe members
Tool DMG and Tool Ability DMG has been rebalanced
Tool ability cooldown has been rebalanced
Tribal Architype abilities Cooldown and duration rebalanced
All tool huts have 750 Health
Tribal hut level 1 Health: 1000
Tribal hut level 2 Health: 1500
Tribal hut level 3 Health: 2000

I used Zerbie_TribeStage_Modification as a base for this mod i just changed and added some stuff
TribalTuning (GA 5.1).package
TribalTuning GA 5.1)
(55.9 KiB) Downloaded 64 times
TribalTuning (Bot Parts).package
TribalTuning (Bot Parts)
(55.9 KiB) Downloaded 32 times

I am nab
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