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Economic Fever

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Economic Fever Mod

- Rebalanced Spice Multipliers
- Spice Now Stacks to 750
- Wild Life Sanctuary can have 50 Creatures on 1 planet
- Max Storage per colony is now 25 instead of 10
- Home World now produces more spice (not better than colony but still better than before)
- Starting money for space stage is now 500,000
- Spice Storage multiplier is now 4x
- Spice price changes
- Trade Routes are now 25
- Rebalanced Gift multiplier (Space Stage)
- Number of planets per solar system is now maxed at 17 and minimum of 5
- Interstellar drive range rebalanced
- Terraforming Tools costs less

- NoDisastersLessPirate mod by @ThomasMHxDeaf was merged with this mod so No disasters Less Pirates
- Freelance20x Mod Merged with this mod so mission gives more money
- RarePriceChanges Mod Merged with this mod so Artifacts give more money

I used Exend's Space Improvements and ThomasMHxDeaf's SpaceEconomy mod for the basis of this mod i just changed a lot of stuff.
Economic Fever GA Patch Version
(354.91 KiB) Downloaded 40 times
Economic Fever Bot Parts Version
(354.89 KiB) Downloaded 18 times

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