Player Empire Auto-Colonizing Galaxy

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Player Empire Auto-Colonizing Galaxy

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Hello everyone! So I've had this idea on my mind for quite a while now and it doesn't seem impossible since NPC empires already have the ability to colonize and conquer systems on their own. Colonies would be able to take over the whole galaxy, with enough time that is. That would make conquering the galaxy much less tedious and faster too, not having to visit the game's 42'000 star systems.

I saw a few people having similar ideas on this forum too, along with the existing "Your invasion" mod which lets your own Empire attack(although they aren't able initiate invasions and cannot finish the job). I just find it sad that all the NPC empires are able to expend their territories on their own while the Player empire 100% relies on the captain to place colonies, one at a time.

TL;DR: Player Empire expends territory on its own like NPCs

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