Is it possible to display new/unsupported creation types in the sporepedia?

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Is it possible to display new/unsupported creation types in the sporepedia?

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As far as I can tell, it doesn't seem to be possible, which is unfortunate; it'd open up a lot of potential for new editors, gamemodes, etc.

I've been considering trying to make a mod around the harvester editor, but by default, it saves creations as a vehicleHarvester, which the vanilla sporepedia has no support for. It is possible to work around this; you can set the editor to save the creation as something that is supported, like a VehicleEconomicLand, but then it'll be mixed in with creations from other editors, and you won't be able to prevent the player from selecting a creation from the other editor.

Alternatively, I could ditch the sporepedia entirely, and have any request for a vehicleHarvester in game open the harvester editor. Already created harvesters can be loaded by drag and dropping from the creations folder, but this is a really unwieldly, immersion breaking work around that doesn't work in fullscreen.

Their is a folder of prop files for defining new sporepedia request pages in AssetBrowserConfig, and a redirectable routine in the mod api called 'Sporepedia::ProcessAssetFilter', but they both seem to have the same limitation; they filter the list of creations already supported by the vanilla sporepedia. They don't seem to be able to add new creation types.

This is probably impossible to fix given current modding limitations, and I'll likely end up having to use one of the afformentioned workarounds, but I'd love to hear if anyone has any thoughts/ideas/etc. on this.

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