FIXED Captain's log crash BUG

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FIXED Captain's log crash BUG

Unread post by Alesko_Prime »

Hello everyone.
This is not a topic to ask for help on the game crashing when you open the captain's journal or the impossibility of naming your captain (write UNKNOWN etc in the timeline) This is a topic to explain how to solve this problem.
I myself had this problem, and during several days of research I found how to solve it, here is:

It's not a game or :di: bug, it's due to your antivirus, for my part Avast, which prevents lancherAPI from modifying certain game files such as the name of the captain, causing bugs
Go to your antivirus and put GA/SPORE/LANCHERAPI as an exception to any scan of your antivirus, this should normally solve the related problem(s)!

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Re: FIXED Captain's log crash BUG

Unread post by rstreamflower »

I have a similar problem. When I try to play adventures, or access the creature editor on Space Stage my game keeps crashing!

P.S. I made my spore API launcher an exception to mt Antivirus scan. Hope it works!
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