NOTICE: Do Not Use Google Drive to Host Spore Mods

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NOTICE: Do Not Use Google Drive to Host Spore Mods

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Recently, it was discovered that Google Drive is removing "suspicious" content from users who are hosting certain files on their servers. What this means is that any file that can be considered a hazard to one's computer will be removed without warning. Any removed file cannot be recovered.

The problem is that Google Drive is also striking down Spore mods because they have the "package" or "sporemod" extension, which is not common and is considered a "threat" by their standards. In fact, it's not just hosting these files that are getting banned, but Google documents that link to them will get removed. This is what happened to DarkEdgeTV's Google Document file, and she even made a video addressing the issue.

The good news is that people are working hard to not only get the mods restored, but are focusing on migrating them to other places that is not Google Drive. You can host the mods on other places like NexusMods, GameBanana, or anywhere that wouldn't get your mods pulled. While the Package and Sporemod files are not a threat to your computer, it is recommend for people to look for alternate servers to host mods.

Furthermore, if you find any thread that contains a removed Google Drive link, inform us and we will edit those posts to direct them to a mirror instead (assuming that someone has the mod downloaded beforehand).

If you have any Sporemods and want to post them to GitHub, follow this guide made by Kade on the Spore Modding Discord.

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