Mod-Compatible, Free GOG Version

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Mod-Compatible, Free GOG Version

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Hi everyone! I'm back. Nothing too bad, I just took a break from SPORE and stuff. Watched the entirety of Ed Edd n' Eddy a couple months ago, that show's amazing.

Anyway, you know how the :di: tutorials say pirated versions of the game are incompatible? Well, I actually got it(and even :sab: ) working on this version. Not trying to correct that, though, I'm sure most others aren't.

It has both DLCs and the updated base game. Only problem is that I can't figure out how to get online functions working, but I've heard you can buy the Creature Creator to sign up so maybe I will sometime.

I am not advertising this, I'm not affiliated with the uploader in any way. But for anyone who needs it, here's where I got my copy(Well, my current one, I got the base game legitimately when I was little). I know it's not a virus since all the screenshots and stuff I've posted on this forum is from it, so don't worry.

I hope this isn't breaking any rules to share, I just thought this could help someone who has trouble buying this game since it's long since been out-of-print.

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