Spore Exotic Dance Mod (with eye+finger movements)

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Spore Exotic Dance Mod (with eye+finger movements)

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Hi, this is my first Spore mod here, it's another Editor dance mod. This mod includes recently datamined Bayonetta dances thanks to CreativeHandler and UmbranRosa, exotic dances and some experimental stuff, with full finger and eye movements! Will be updated with more dances and improve old ones as time goes on uwu.

Animation Preview + Download Link
Full Animation List

Self Pleasure
Bayonetta Pole Dance (Whoregasm by Cupcakke)
Bayonetta 1 Let's Dance Boys
Bayonetta Long Taunt
Self Joy fun

Fly Spin (CPR by Cupcakke)
No-Feet Spin (Duck Duck Goose by Cupcakke)
Back Bend (Papioutai Cupcakke by Ranvision)
Roller Ground (POP Ponmi Remix by Ranvision)
Climb Top (All I Wanna Do Cupcakke by Ranvision)
Kneels (I Need A Doctor Jiafei Cupcakke by Ranvision)

Major Lazer (Cupcakke BAAM by Ranvision)
Strip Stand (H2Hoe by Cupcakke)
Back Scratch (INNA COLA Cupcakke by Ranvision)
Kick Pole (Marge Simpson by Cupcakke)
Kneel Stand (Side to Side Cupcakke by Ranvision)
Ground Effects (Doggy Style by Cupcakke)

Composite Dance (Sweetest Pie Cupcakke by Ranvision)

Bondage Break
Casual Approach
Come Down
Comfy Top
Crawl Down

Flipping T
Pull Spin Up
Sexy Approach
Tied Up

i hope you guys enjoy! :3

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