Advanced Hard Cell Stage Mod

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Advanced Hard Cell Stage Mod

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This mod will be very hard and what other cell have with only on Hard difficulty:
- No longer scares anyone with poison weapon
- Cell predators do not scare anyone with damage
- Cell Herbivores no more scares with jaws, needles and poison (excluding Minno, Pokey and Maa)
- Move speed increase with Giants (Predators only)
- Pinky and Stabella increased speed
- Limited small cell eat DNA points
- Junior Eggs hatch automatically when you stay close
- Cell predators can continue to fight non-stop (excluding Goldy)
- Added automatically attack to player cell with Nosey, Puffish and Snorf
- Removed automatically attack to player with Paa
- Needle Buzzy with electricity and little move has increased and no more scares with poison and damage
- Changed move and increased speed with Bloato
- Added others Junior Eggs in 5.5 level (only rare appears)
- etc.

(108.46 KiB) Downloaded 154 times
GDrive: ... oC8BjJcGPH

You can use with others mod NPC Replacer or not. (Only conflicted with my mods Cell NPC Ruliod Utopia.)

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Re: Advanced Hard Cell Stage Mod

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This sounds really cool for what it is!
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