About the Patch. HELP

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Remember that mods you download that are created by Davo REQUIRE Spore: Galactic Adventures and REQUIRE your game to be installed & patched in this order.
  • - Install Spore Game
  • - (OPTIONAL) Install Spore C&C
  • - Install Spore Galactic Adventures
  • - Patch Spore and Spore Galactic Adventures to 1.5.1
If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.
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About the Patch. HELP

Unread post by darkening6 »

everytime i open SporePatch5.exe you must have spore installed in computer. i already did. i have both steam and origin spore intalled in my computer. i even reinstalled or verify them. im confuse now. i even tried to install EADM but its not working servers down. now im really confuse.

is there another way to download them. like extracting them then replace the files on spores? ive been trying to look in the forums even google cant find anymore solutions. pls help me i love spore

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Re: About the Patch. HELP

Unread post by vanillacold »

You don't need to install Patch 5 unless you're using Disc Spore.
Patch or no patch though, your Spore installation will be half-broken since you have both Steam Spore and Origin Spore installed at the same time. Backup your creations and save-data, uninstall both and then install only one of the two - preferrably Origin Spore.
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