Did anyone found how to edit Tribe's social game values?

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Did anyone found how to edit Tribe's social game values?

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I can't seem to find the trigger/script line that specifies on how long does this tribal social minigame lasts.

I want to edit the way that player would have to press music instruments more than 5 times, and also that each music instrument prompt would last less than a second, making it much more focus intense interaction.

I was able to find the effect multiplier of the instruments, so I at least can edit these values, to make either music performance more effective or less.

I just want to add more challenge to the tribal stage.

I just can't understand clearly whether this event's timer is fixed on how many times you need to press music instrument button, or this whole event is timer, as I clearly see that it lasts about 10-12 seconds.
Viewing how the game behaves with last note action, when you press the last fifth button prompt at very late timing, the social meter bar doesn't give time to fill it up more, so my assumptions goes more to general timer limit to 10-12 seconds.

Things get much more complicated as most of game configurations are written as hashes, so I can't read them. And I don't know how to decipher it. I tried using sporemodder's hash utility, but I guess I used it wrong. So my only way to know for sure is to test each file that has "tribe" "social" keywords in them.

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