I have an Idea for a new mod tool!

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I have an Idea for a new mod tool!

Unread post by olsonspiceMoose »

Spore is a single-player game where we can share our creations but we can't share all of our creations like galaxies for example or can we?
You can put these game files in a zip folder(you will only need the data and dataep1 for mods) and maybe your spore creations to upload and share!
You will, of course, have to manually put them in and take them out and you should make backups but I was wondering if someone can make a tool to automate this? Can anyone make a share your own galaxy tool?

Edit; do not send your preference folder which has your preferences and login information.
also don't send the entire video game because that is piracy!
Just share the galaxy and only the galaxy.

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Re: I have an Idea for a new mod tool!

Unread post by vanillacold »

olsonspiceMoose wrote: Thu Mar 25, 2021 11:04 am [snip]
the ability to share galaxies to make a pseudo-multiplayer has already been done before as Project MultiSpore, but nobody's automated it yet.

(Also, the installation of mods should always be done with the Spore ModAPI Easy Installer, not by putting the files into the Data folder.)
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