Slightly Better Spore

Everyone Else's Released Mods, and Some Unreleased. These are made for Galactic Adventures with patch 1.5.1, though some also support the March 2017 patch. Some of them may still work on Core Spore. No harm can come from trying, as long as you make a backup ahead of time.
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Host your mods here. Try to keep files small, whenever possible.

Remember that all mods available here REQUIRE Spore: Galactic Adventures AND either patch 1.5.1 or the March 2017 patch. Patch 6\Bot Parts does NOT include Patch 1.5.1! (Some may work on other setups, but this is not supported)

Can't get a mod to work? Feel free to ask for help, there's always someone around to help out. Just make sure to include the following information:
a) Did you install Spore from Steam, Origin, GOG, or a Disk?
b) Is your game patched to either Patch 1.5.1 or the March 2017 patch?
c) Do you have Galactic Adventures?
d) If so, is it also patched to either Patch 1.5.1 or the March 2017 patch?
e) How did you install the mod?
f) What other mods do you have installed?
g) What version of the Spore ModAPI Launcher Kit are you using?
This information is needed for us to help you!
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Slightly Better Spore

Unread post by Hightlyze »

I made this long time ago around last year or 2017. It's like Better Spore but it has little features that make it better.

Slightly Better Spore 1.0 - Space Stage features:
Planet Buster can destroy homeworld and save games.
Got spaceufo~.prop.xml from better spore

Slightly Better Spore 1.0 - Tribal Stage features:
Baby growth increased faster
Got tribetuning.prop.xml from better spore with few edits to hut's health (With a ton more Epics)
SlightlyBetterSpore1.0 - Tribal Stage.package
(5.13 KiB) Downloaded 278 times
SlightlyBetterSpore1.0 - Space Stage.package
(6.04 KiB) Downloaded 269 times

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Re: Slightly Better Spore

Unread post by vanillacold »

This mod can completely break a save file. Destroying your homeworld can crash Spore, destroying a save file's homeworld can probably corrupt your saves.
Hello there! I'm a random guy who sometimes does *slightly* smart stuff. For a while now, I've been creating a game called Sporigins, along with Spore mods such as Solar Spore.
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