First To Discover This Secret Spore Soundtrack?

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First To Discover This Secret Spore Soundtrack?

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So, just a few a months ago I "discovered"(found) a strange spore soundtrack that I have never heard before. I tried to do a bit of research but I guess it was way too unnoticed, and I never got any results, not a single one mentioning the secret soundtrack.

Take a listen:
I then encountered the same type of soundtrack again not too soon. listen: Though, this one sounds a bit different than the first one I found.

What caused it to trigger? simple, just open the Sporepedia at creature stage and wait a few minutes, then close it. (I tried doing that a few times before but sometimes it doesn't work?)

I heavily apologize if I sound incredibly stupid and this is just a normal occurrence, I'm not really that much of a Spore veteran :/
If it IS something weird and never before (heard) then maybe someone can dig deeper and research about it???

This seriously creeped me out the first time because I've never heard the soundtrack before and it just sounds very ominous LOL.

Spore fan since 2018 XD
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Re: First To Discover This Secret Spore Soundtrack?

Unread post by Davo »

pretty cool find!
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