Custom spice icons for system and planet tooltips

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Custom spice icons for system and planet tooltips

Unread post by Ahkvenir »

Hello, I'm making a custom spice mod and have created some custom icons for them. I got these icons to work in the trading menu, and the game's default icons from the ufotools~ folder also work within the ship's cargo bay. However I have not been able to change the icons used for the planet and system tooltips that show up when hovering the mouse over them. I've opened up and dissected various other spice mods including Interstellar Industries, but it doesn't look like those mods have found a way to do this either. Does anyone know how this can be done from SporeModder FX or possibly the Mod API?

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Re: Custom spice icons for system and planet tooltips

Unread post by vanillacold »

With Sporemodder FX, it's impossible since the SPUIs for planet and system tooltips use a pre-set image, instead of the image used for a planet's spice.
It should be possible using the Spore ModAPI Development Kit, though you'd most-likely need to detour whatever loads those tooltips to replace the icons with that of the planet's spice.
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