Mammoth Girl Fights the Patriarchy (video)

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Mammoth Girl Fights the Patriarchy (video)

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Mammoth Tank Girl is a big, chubby girl that's a bit Karen-esque. She often goes on a tirade against body-shaming Mammoth Tanks, reminding everyone that "Mammoth Tanks need love too." She's way, way too politically correct, and is easily offended. To her, everything is rape: from tampons to Yoda and other Jedi, and even flatulence. She's a feminist extremist that is rumored to run over men with her giant massive tank body. Oh, and when she somehow squeezes through the door of the local McDonalds, you can rest assured that she wants to talk to the manager.

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"Command and Conquer: Rivals is a one-versus-one competitive multiplayer real-time strategy game. The player can play as GDI or Brotherhood of Nod, with each faction offering unique abilities, and units. Players are tasked to control platforms surrounding the missile silo. If the player manages to gain control of more platforms than the enemy for a fixed time, the missile will launch and obliterate the opponent's base ("


The Crazy Psychopath streams a variety of games at​. His stream features a lot of comedy along with theatrical elements, costume design, and the roleplaying of various characters such as the Buggyman, Rockworm Man, GDI Guy, Mammoth Tank Girl, Kane from Command & Conquer, and more. The Crazy Psychopath is a streamer, performer, and comedian who has done stand-up comedy and worked with a few theatrical productions. He primarily streams Command & Conquer Rivals and other real-time strategy games.

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Re: Mammoth Girl Fights the Patriarchy (video)

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