Featured Streamer - SsbMagy

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Featured Streamer - SsbMagy

Unread post by Davo »

While cruising the galaxy you often run into other species on your travels. As it goes I too have searched far and wide in hopes to meet others on their travels. In all of my searching, I was enticed to check out the world of streaming. While this particular realm is highly populated by furries, a streamer stood out amongst the rest. This species by the name of SsbMagy was taking the galaxy by storm, conquering star system after star system in an effort for global domination. At the time of the transmission, SsbMagy has dominated 1100 star systems out of nearly 41,560.

We made contact with SsbMagy who stated they would love to work with others to provide valuable content for the twitch platform, like running through the devastated mishaps in adventures or with modders, provided their mods do not interfere with the mission of global domination.

To check out this channel, head over to the twitch platform here: https://twitch.tv/SsbMagy

Be sure to follow and let 'em know you want more content like this! The last known footage has been attached below...
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Re: Featured Streamer - SsbMagy

Unread post by SSBMagy »

The idea for this challenge started around when I was 9 or 10, my friend and I were racing to conquer the galaxy, of course we likely never got past 20 planets. Over the years I sort of forgot about spore and moved on to other games. About 10 or so years later me and that same friend started talking about Spore again, I mentioned that I still wanted to try to conquer the galaxy again, and after another year of stalling I finally decided to go for it. The creature I'm using is a recreation of my very first creature in the game Mr. Shine. The story I had for him as a kid was that he was the richest man in the galaxy, and as you can see by the picture in op, I wasn't as good with the creature creator as everyone else haha!

Thanks for the shoutout, I really appreciate it! :D
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