Command Line Options/List of Command Line Options

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Command Line Options/List of Command Line Options

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Note: This list is still under construction, as many options have yet to be found or properly understood.

Make sure you know exactly what you're doing: viewtopic.php?f=177&t=6503

The following is a list of Command Line Options that SporeApp.exe recognises, grouped into sets:

AppStates are command line options that tell the .exe to open up a specific part of Spore before loading the rest of the game, which is useful for quickly accessing parts of the game that you want to test or that can't normally be accessed in-game:

Editor States:
Editor States, as the name suggests, lead specifically to the various Editors within the game.

A few points to remember:
>States appended with (*) cannot be accessed directly, and instead need additional modding to use.
>States appended with ($) are buggy and unpredictable, prone to crashes.
>States appended with (!) have yet to be accessed.
>States are not case sensitive.

  • PlannerThumbnailGen(*) |Largely based on the same files as the Building Editor, it currently has no specific use.
  • CellEditor |A variation of the in-game cell editor, with the distinction that it has four additional pages of parts, all upgraded variations of the ones found in the default editor.
  • CellToCreatureEditor |The Editor accessed when one transitions from the Cell Stage to the Creature Stage, basically the same as the Cell Editor from the previous stage with the exception of being 3D and having a Limbs category of parts.
  • CreatureEditor |The Extra Large variant that can be accessed through the Create Menu as usual.
  • BuildingEditor |An odd case, in that buildings created within this editor can have parts from any type of building, and can be saved as a specific type by selecting it from a list in the bottom left-hand corner, with the unused "Farm" type included in the list. Farms created with this editor can not be edited in-game.
  • VehicleEditor |In the same vain as the above Building Editor, with all Vehicle parts from all types, and the capability to save any vehicle as any type. Like the Building Editor, the list of available types has one extra unused type, the "Harvester", which cannot be edited in-game.
  • VehicleLandEditor |A variant of the Vehicle Editor dedicated solely to Land-based Vehicles, with all available parts for each type (Religious, Economic and Military) and the capability to save the creation as any of those types.
  • VehicleAirEditor |Same as the previous entry, except for Air-based Vehicles.
  • VehicleWaterEditor | Same as the above two, except for Water-based Vehicles.
  • UFOEditor |The regular editor that can be accessed through the Create Menu in-game, with no unique attributes.
  • FloraEditor($) |An Editor used to Create and Edit Plants (Flora) to compliment the Creature (Fauna) Creator. This editor is notoriously buggy and prone to crashes and causing errors. Use at your own risk.
  • TribalAccessoriesEditor |Despite it's name, this State takes you to the Space Game Clothing Editor, with a predetermined Creature loaded.
  • AdventureAccessoriesEditor |The Captain Editor, accessible via the Create Menu, with a predetermined Creature loaded.
  • TerrainEditor(!) |As of yet no information regarding this Editor has been found, nor has any way of accessing it been discovered.
  • ScenarioMode(*) |The Adventure Editor, accessible via the Create and Galactic Adventures Menu. Crashes the game if you attempt to load it from Command line.
  • LevelEditor(*, $) |Aptly named, the editor has only ever been accessed via mods, and is also a mess with bugs and missing information. Crashes the game if you attempt to load it from Command Line.
  • CakeEditor(*) |While often considered a joke, the editor does indeed exist in the game's files and can be accessed, albeit there is little to no functionality to it.


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