Darkspore Creatures (PATCHED) By Darksharado

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Darkspore Creatures (PATCHED) By Darksharado

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417 Darkspore creatures converted and patched to work with Spore
By DarkSharado
Posted here with her consent

be sure to have dark injections installed

Installation: just drag all the creatures into spore and they will be a part of your game .
https://www.mediafire.com/file/rdeivquu ... 9.zip/file

"Keep in mind some creature were given mouths when they didnt have them thats beacouse creatures without mouths will crash your game"
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i like nuts
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Re: Darkspore Creatures (PATCHED) By Darksharado

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i notice when u edit some of them some parts disappear. tell me what mod parts u use in them. so that can download those mod parts :D
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Re: Darkspore Creatures (PATCHED) By Darksharado

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