Some abilities are misleading

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Some abilities are misleading

Unread post by irepgear6 »

Even know the ability names are exactly what they are, only few have descriptions and statistics like spit etc, does not mean anything, at least add a damage point score and more details. :?:

I do love the mod though, it really does take darkspore into full respect and nostalgia; I do miss darkspore a lot.

I don't know if I am a bit awkward but it is a rare situation for communication, but I really think it would help if details where specific and exact detail makes things more easy to notice.

I do state another recommendation, perhaps letting abilities, grox parts, effects, and weapons, be obtainable in creature stage.

Keep up the good work.

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Re: Some abilities are misleading

Unread post by Davo »

It could be you!!!

If you mean the abilities I created around 10 something years ago, sorry, at the time I had a child. I really have not been able to get back on like I wanted to, had to make drastic life changes.

I'd say write em up and submit them to rob! He may put them in.
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