Some DI Parts are Invisible/Missing 3D Models

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Some DI Parts are Invisible/Missing 3D Models

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I recently installed DI using the latest version of Spore ModAPI Easy Installer, straight from the website. When I opened Spore's creature editor up, I could see the DI parts in the GUI, but when I hovered over their icons, they disappeared; then when I dragged them out, they were invisible. The rotation rings/nodes and stuff appeared, but the part itself was not there.

All the Spore Core and Robotic Core parts work fine though, and when I hover over those with my cursor, they do the spinning-thing the parts do when you haven't dragged them out. A few other DI parts also work fine, such as the orange-colored dragon head, a weird spike-shaped head, and the Necrowing. There might be more exceptions but those are all of the ones I can think of for now.

When I installed DI, I left all the settings in the ModAPI default except for the GUI, which I changed to Half Dark Injection or something like that. Already tried uninstalling and reinstalling. The only other mod I have installed is ForceSave.

My Spore is installed on Steam, and I do have Galactic Adventures, also on Steam. I have an Origin version that was bought separately but that was on my previous laptop, so the data for it doesn't exist on my PC yet since I haven't installed it. IIRC, the Origin version was more recent, but I'm not completely sure. I remember installing DI back when it still had the ZArenas packages on the Steam Version and it worked fine, but that was three years ago.

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