crash upon trying to go into paint mode

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crash upon trying to go into paint mode

Unread post by florentinenoble »

EDIT: i'm on windows 10, NIVIDIA GeForce Version if that info would help any.
EDIT2: fixed a typo and worded things a bit better.
EDIT3: after doing the 4gb patch, it seems to be working. feel free to disregard this post. will give updates if needed/wanted.

hey, it's me again.
didn't quite know where to put this, so i figured i might as well stick it here.

okay, so, i just installed DI, and i can open it just fine, go into the creature creator and edit things, blah blah blah. but when i go to paint certain creatures (especially ones with many parts) my game will freeze and then crash. with other creatures, if they are relatively simple, when i go into paint mode it works but then when i finish choosing the colours for it and try to save, it crashes.. but only on occasion, if it isn't cluttered with parts. all i have is DI r.9 Beta 2.32, the enhanced colour wheel, Groxxy's Insane HD Graphics, and whatever "Full Cell Parts" is. don't remember where i got the last one or what exactly it does. i can try without that one and see if it does anything, i guess. i could always revert to the older version of DI i have (from 2016). i know for sure that my computer can handle the graphics updates from the mods. perhaps the game cannot?

i'v already uninstalled and reinstalled DI (with the ModAPI) once. i can do it again and see if that changes something too. doubt it will, though.

any help or advice would be appreciated.

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Re: crash upon trying to go into paint mode

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I have the same problems dude, I learned to live with it, not always crashed.
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