Where can I download v2.1.6?

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Where can I download v2.1.6?

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Hiya all,
after a break I decided to play modded Spore again, but had to install all mods again (accidentally deleted the game folder, lul). As I saw that new DI came out, I downloaded it. But I have some problems with this version. My beloved Infinite Scaling mod doesn't work (it worked with previous version) and some creature parts are missing. I know I should write it in a bug reports section but I dunno when these problems will be fixed. I searched the forum and couldn't find the 2.1.6v download. That version just worked better for me and without any issues. So, could anyone provide the link to me? Official, of course :>

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Re: Where can I download v2.1.6?

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I don't offer Public Beta 2.1.6 anymore - there is no official link. Same for other outdated versions of DI.

How am I to continue to improve DI if you just go looking for an older version of the mod, instead of making your objections to subsequent versions known? I can't address feedback if I don't receive it. You said yourself that you know you should report the issues you've encountered, so...how about you go and do that instead?

As for the two issues you mentioned, Infinite Scaling not working has nothing to do with Dark Injection and everything to do with how unreliable UPR is, so even if you did downgrade to Public Beta 2.1.6, that wouldn't even help. As for the missing parts...are we talking about those parts in the late "Classic Parts" category? Because if so, then...those were all copied from other mods. You can just download those other mods instead, then you'll have the best of both worlds.

If you've come across any other problems, I'm eager to hear of them in the appropriate subforum.
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