New Editor Backgrounds- Over 30 new backgrounds for the Creature Editor play mode! (Updated: 19/5/23)

Various editor modifications are found here.
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Re: New Editor Backgrounds mod (Updated: 4/12/19)

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Does the mod work in 2021?

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Re: New Editor Backgrounds mod (Updated: 4/12/19)

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lunareclipse wrote: Tue Aug 17, 2021 7:55 pm Does the mod work in 2021?
Howdy, this is an incredibly late response but I am certain the mod worked in 2021 and should work just fine in 2023 as well :)
This mod adds files but does not replace any, and should not have any conflicts as far as I know. As Spore is no longer receiving patch updates I don't see its functionality being broken in the future.

With that, I'd like to happily announce that after nearly four years I have updated this mod!
I have added five new backgrounds: Circuit board, hidden town (made from a. unused model in the demo game files), Spore Hero level, stained glass, and End of Evangelion. A very notable fix to the mod is that the creature should now cast a shadow onto all backgrounds (except for the circuit board which is lit from below).
I have also made various improvements to several backgrounds, including:
  • Nicer-looking animated water in the vaporwave background
  • Replaced the crusty-looking 2D plants in the underwater background with more fitting 3D ones
  • Remade the room background, but kept the tacky rug
  • Re-rendered the cosy background and replaced the tacky rug
  • Completely remade the Solum cave background, changing it from a 2D panorama to a 3D photogrammetry model
  • Improved the dome in the space dome background. Less claustrophobic, better glass.
  • Improved 2D assets in the candy background
  • Baked shading in the fern prairie background
Get it here: ... tag/v2.0.0
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