Spore ModAPI Launcher Kit

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Spore ModAPI Launcher Kit

The Spore ModAPI Launcher Kit is a toolkit which allows mods to influence Spore's code, granting mod developers greater control over Spore and its behaviour.

It requires legally-purchased versions of both Spore and Spore Galactic Adventures and atleast Patch 1.5.1 to be installed.

Download Spore ModAPI Launcher Kit

Installing mods

  1. Open the Spore ModAPI Easy Installer
  2. Locate your desired mod:
  3. Click "Open"
  4. Enjoy

Uninstalling mods

  1. Open the Spore ModAPI Easy Uninstaller
  2. Select your undesired mod(s):
  3. Click "Uninstall Selected"
  4. Enjoy


NEVER explicitly run any of the Spore ModAPI Launcher Kit's programs as Administrator under ANY circumstances. They will request these privileges automatically as needed.

After installing the Spore ModAPI Launcher Kit, it is imperative that you run the Spore ModAPI Launcher whenever you want to play Spore. Do not open the game any other way.

For your own safety

As with any software, you should only download mods from trustworthy sources. If unsure, ask around.