Spore ModAPI Launcher Kit

Notice to Steam Spore users

We are aware that several problems are plaguing the ModAPI Launcher Kit for many users of the Steam version of Spore. Although we've done what we can to mitigate these, the reality is that Steam Spore's DRM is an obstacle we may never fully overcome. As such, migrating to another version of Spore (such as the Origin version, as transferring keys to Origin is free) may be worth considering. Be sure to backup your creations and save data, and uninstall the Steam version of Spore before installing another version in its place.

I'm sorry that I wasn't able to provide a better solution.
See above notice to Steam Spore users.

Certain mods have been known to cause this, including UniversalPropertyReplacementV0.2.1 and Dark Injection 9.r Public Beta 2.3.0 . As of January 27th 2019, Dark Injection has been updated to correct this issue, so just update to DI 9.r Public Beta 2.3.2, but UniversalPropertyReplacement has not, so you may have to uninstall UPR entirely until a fix is released. Other potential causes have been identified, but have yet to be addressed.
A partial fix for this error was recently released. After updating, leave Spore closed for atleast 15 minutes before running the ModAPI Launcher. If this still doesn't help, contact us for further assistance.
This error has been patched. Simply allow the ModAPI Launcher Kit to update, and the error should disappear. If this still doesn't help, or if another error appears in its place, contact us for further assistance.