Permitted Uses


  • Enjoy Dark Injection (hopefully)
  • Report any bugs you come across, unless they've already been reported
  • Feel free to suggest any features you think may be worth adding (no promises anything will be added though)
  • Feel free to use Dark Injection in YouTube videos, monetized or not (For all I know, EA might be able to step on you for the music or something, but I won't give you any trouble for it)
  • Feel free to create (and of course, redistribute) derivative works of Dark Injection, as long as any meaningful changes have been made (although I wouldn't recommend doing so at this stage in development)
  • Don't

  • Re-upload the latest public build of Dark Injection to another server or file host, unless the original download is down at the time (even then, please remove any re-uploaded versions once the official link comes back up)
  • Re-upload outdated public builds of Dark Injection to another server or file host, unless the re-upload is both clearly labelled as being "outdated" AND accompanied by a link to the official page ( )
  • Use Dark Injection for or in conjunction with illegal purposes
  • Expect or request support for issues relating to pirated versions of the game
  • Demand faster development (although reasonable, constructive feedback is welcome and encouraged)
  • Requirements


    Galactic Adventures

    Patch 5.1 or greater (if game is installed from disks)

    ModAPI Launcher Kit 1.1 or greater

    By downloading and/or installing Dark Injection, you agree to remain within the expectations listed above. If you aren't okay with these terms, don't download or install Dark Injection.
    Notable fixes Since Public Beta 2.3.0
  • Fixed crashes on startup, which previously affected a small number of users
  • Fixed crashes when entering certain editors on certain configurations, which previously affected a small number of users
  • Fixed game failure to start, which previously affected a very small number of users (yes, this is different)
  • Fixed occasional crash when viewing creations in the Sporepedia while the editor is open in test drive mode in the background when the Flexible Editor Camera component is enabled
  • Fixed page arrows in Vehicle/Spaceship editor paint mode for Full Darkspore UI and Darkspore Beta UI
  • Reverted Create Menu for Style-only Darkspore UI to the 2.1.6 version (will re-add later, once the 2.3.0 iteration's unresponsiveness is fixed)
  • Fixed compatibility with Himeric Engine and Invidia

  • On an unrelated note, the Darkspore Creature Converter is also available, for Darkspore ex-players wishing to rebuild their arsenals.