Terrain::Sphere::cTerrainSphere class

Base classes

class Terrain::ITerrain
class Graphics::IRenderable
This interface defines an object that can be rendered, and whose render method is called on every game loop.
class App::IMessageListener
An interface that can receive messages sent through the app.
class Terrain::unk_class_0x13F3628
class Resource::ResourceObject
A type of object that is used as a resource.

Public static functions

static auto Create() -> cTerrainSphere*

Public functions

auto func08h() -> int virtual
auto GetTerrainMapSet() -> cTerrainMapSet* virtual

Protected variables

int field_24
int field_28
intrusive_ptr<cTerrainMapSet> mpTerrainMapSet
int field_FC
int field_100
int field_104
bool field_108
float field_10C
bool field_110
bool field_111
int field_114
int field_148
int field_14C
int field_150
int field_154
int field_158
int field_15C
int field_160
int field_164
int field_168
int field_16C
int field_170
int field_174
int field_178
int field_17C
int field_180
int field_184
int field_188
int field_18C
vector<void*> field_190
vector<int> field_1A4
vector<int> field_1B8
int field_1CC
int field_1D0
int field_1D4
float field_1D8
float field_1DC
float field_1E0
float field_1E4
bool field_1E8
float field_1EC
float field_1F0
float field_1F4
float field_1F8
float field_1FC
float field_200
float field_204
float field_208
int field_20C
int field_210
int field_214
vector<int> field_218
vector<int> field_22C
vector<int> field_240
vector<int> field_254
vector<int> field_268
vector<int> field_27C
vector<int> field_290
vector<int> field_2A4
vector<int> field_2B8
vector<int> field_2CC
vector<int> field_2E0
vector<int> field_2F4
int field_308
Vector4 field_30C
Vector4 field_31C
Vector4 field_32C
bool field_33C
bool field_33D
int field_340
int field_344
bool field_348
float field_34C
float field_350
float field_354
float field_358
float field_35C
float field_360
float field_364
int field_368
int field_36C
bool field_370
bool field_4F4
bool field_4F5
vector<int> field_758
bool field_76C
vector<int> field_770
vector<int> field_784
vector<int> field_798
int field_7AC
int field_7B0