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Simulator::cStrategy Class Reference

#include <cStrategy.h>

Inheritance diagram for Simulator::cStrategy:
Simulator::ISimulatorStrategy IVirtual Simulator::cGameBehaviorManager Simulator::cGameInputManager Simulator::cGameModeManager Simulator::cGameNounManager Simulator::cGameViewManager Simulator::cPlanetModel Simulator::cStarManager Simulator::cTerraformingManager Simulator::cToolManager Simulator::SubSystem::cLivingUniverse

Protected Attributes

int mnRefCount
int field_C
int field_10
int field_14
int field_18

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from Simulator::ISimulatorStrategy
virtual int AddRef ()=0
virtual int Release ()=0
virtual void Initialize ()=0
virtual void Dispose ()=0
virtual const char * GetName ()=0
virtual void OnModeExited (uint32_t previousModeID, uint32_t newModeID)=0
virtual void OnModeEntered (uint32_t previousModeID, uint32_t newModeID)=0
virtual int func1Ch ()=0
virtual int func20h ()=0
virtual bool func24h ()=0
virtual bool Write (void *)=0
virtual bool Read (void *)=0
virtual void func30h (int)=0
virtual bool func34h (int)=0
virtual void Update (int deltaTime, int deltaGameTime)=0
virtual void PostUpdate (int deltaTime, int deltaGameTime)=0
virtual void func40h (int)=0
virtual void func44h (int)=0
virtual void func48h ()=0
virtual void func4Ch ()=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from IVirtual
virtual ~IVirtual ()

Member Data Documentation

◆ field_10

int Simulator::cStrategy::field_10

◆ field_14

int Simulator::cStrategy::field_14

◆ field_18

int Simulator::cStrategy::field_18

◆ field_C

int Simulator::cStrategy::field_C

◆ mnRefCount

int Simulator::cStrategy::mnRefCount

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