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Simulator::cLocomotiveObject Class Reference

#include <cLocomotiveObject.h>

Inheritance diagram for Simulator::cLocomotiveObject:
Simulator::cSpatialObject Simulator::cLocomotiveObject_superclass Simulator::cCreatureBase Simulator::cGameDataUFO Simulator::cVehicle Simulator::cCreatureAnimal

Public Member Functions

virtual void SetDesiredSpeed (float speed, int)
virtual float GetDesiredSpeed () const
virtual float GetStandardSpeed () const
virtual float funcD0h () const
virtual float funcD4h () const
virtual float funcD8h () const
virtual void funcDCh (int)
virtual void MoveTo (const Vector3 &dst, float goalStopDistance=1.0f, float acceptableStopDistance=2.0f, bool=false)
virtual void funcE4h (const Vector3 &, int)
virtual void funcE8h (const Vector3 &, float, float)
virtual void StopMovement ()
virtual void funcF0h ()
virtual void ClearNeighbours ()
virtual bool funcF8h ()
Vector3 GetVelocity ()
void SetVelocity (const Vector3 &velocity)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Simulator::cSpatialObject
virtual void func00h (int)
virtual int func04h ()
virtual int func08h ()
virtual ~cSpatialObject ()
virtual void Reset ()
 Sets this model as invisible in its IModelWorld and sets the model and model world to nullptr. More...
virtual int Write (void *arg_0)
virtual int Read (void *arg_0)
virtual bool func1Ch (int)
virtual bool func20h ()
virtual bool IsRolledOver ()
virtual void SetIsRolledOver (bool bValue)
virtual const Vector3GetPosition ()
virtual const QuaternionGetOrientation ()
virtual float GetScale ()
virtual void SetPosition (const Vector3 &value)
virtual void SetOrientation (const Quaternion &value)
virtual void SetScale (float fValue)
virtual void func44h (int)
virtual bool IsOnView ()
virtual void SetIsOnView (bool bValue)
virtual bool IsSelected ()
virtual void SetIsSeleted (bool bValue)
virtual bool func58h ()
virtual Vector3 func5Ch ()
virtual Vector3 func60h ()
virtual void SetLocalExtents (const BoundingBox &localExtents, float fScale)
virtual const BoundingBoxGetLocalExtents ()
virtual int func6Ch (int)
virtual float GetBoundingRadius ()
virtual float GetFootprintRadius ()
virtual float GetMaxZ ()
virtual Pointfunc7Ch (bool, Point &dst)
virtual void func80h ()
virtual void func84h ()
virtual bool HasModelChanged ()
virtual void SetHasModelChanged (bool bValue)
virtual bool HasModel ()
virtual void SetModelKey (const ResourceKey &modelKey)
virtual const ResourceKeyGetModelKey ()
virtual bool func9Ch ()
virtual void SetModelWorld (Graphics::IModelWorld *pModelWorld)
virtual void funcA4h ()
virtual void SetModel (Graphics::Model *pModel, Graphics::IModelWorld *pModelWorld)
virtual Graphics::ModelGetModel ()
virtual Graphics::IModelWorldGetModelWorld ()
virtual void funcB4h (string &dst)
virtual void * Cast (uint32_t type)
virtual int AddRef ()=0
virtual int Release ()=0

Public Attributes

vector< int > field_DC
fixed_vector< float, 32 > field_F0
float field_188
float field_18C
Vector3 field_190
bool field_19C
float mInTransitTime
int field_1A4
Vector3 field_1A8
Vector3 field_1B4
float field_1C0
float field_1C4
Vector3 mVelocity
Vector3 mAngularVelocity
float mDesiredSpeed
float mStandardSpeed
float mTurnRate
float mAngleVelocity
int mPlanetCorrection
vector< int > field_1F4
Vector3 field_208
float field_214
int field_218
Matrix3 field_21C
bool field_240
float field_244
float field_248
float field_24C
int field_250
float field_254
float field_258
float field_25C
float field_260
int field_264
bool mbSelfPowered
float mNeighborCheckRadius
int field_270
bool field_274
fixed_vector< intrusive_ptr< cSpatialObject >, 128 > mNeighbors
fixed_vector< int, 4 > field_490
vector< int > field_4B8
int field_4CC
- Public Attributes inherited from Simulator::cSpatialObject
uint32_t mFlags

Static Public Attributes

static const uint32_t TYPE = 0x116DD1B
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Simulator::cSpatialObject
static const uint32_t TYPE = 0x1186577

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from Simulator::cSpatialObject
Vector3 mPosition
Quaternion mOrientation
BoundingBox mOriginalLocalExtents
BoundingBox mLocalExtents
uint32_t mMaterialType
float field_58
float mfBoundingRadius
float mfFootprintRadius
float mfScale
float mfDistanceFromCamera
bool mbIsSelected
bool mbIsRolledOver
bool mbIsInvalid
bool mbPickable
bool mbIsTangible
bool mbFixed
 If a model is fixed, it isn't affected by any kind of physics. More...
bool mbIsBeingEdited
bool mbModelChanged
bool mbTransformDirty
bool mbEnabled
bool mbInView
bool mbSupported
bool mbIsGhost
float field_7C
float field_80
float field_84
float field_88
float field_8C
ResourceKey mModelKey
intrusive_ptr< Graphics::ModelmpModel
intrusive_ptr< Graphics::IModelWorldmpModelWorld
bool field_A4
bool field_A5
bool mbKeepPinnedToPlanet
bool field_A7
uint32_t field_A8
int field_AC
int field_B0
float field_B4
int field_B8
int field_BC
vector< int > field_C0

Member Function Documentation

◆ ClearNeighbours()

virtual void Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::ClearNeighbours ( )

◆ funcD0h()

virtual float Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::funcD0h ( ) const

◆ funcD4h()

virtual float Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::funcD4h ( ) const

◆ funcD8h()

virtual float Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::funcD8h ( ) const

◆ funcDCh()

virtual void Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::funcDCh ( int  )

◆ funcE4h()

virtual void Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::funcE4h ( const Vector3 ,

◆ funcE8h()

virtual void Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::funcE8h ( const Vector3 ,
float  ,

◆ funcF0h()

virtual void Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::funcF0h ( )

◆ funcF8h()

virtual bool Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::funcF8h ( )

◆ GetDesiredSpeed()

virtual float Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::GetDesiredSpeed ( ) const

◆ GetStandardSpeed()

virtual float Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::GetStandardSpeed ( ) const

◆ GetVelocity()

Vector3 Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::GetVelocity ( )

◆ MoveTo()

virtual void Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::MoveTo ( const Vector3 dst,
float  goalStopDistance = 1.0f,
float  acceptableStopDistance = 2.0f,
bool  = false 

◆ SetDesiredSpeed()

virtual void Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::SetDesiredSpeed ( float  speed,

◆ SetVelocity()

void Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::SetVelocity ( const Vector3 velocity)

◆ StopMovement()

virtual void Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::StopMovement ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ field_188

float Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::field_188

◆ field_18C

float Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::field_18C

◆ field_190

Vector3 Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::field_190

◆ field_19C

bool Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::field_19C

◆ field_1A4

int Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::field_1A4

◆ field_1A8

Vector3 Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::field_1A8

◆ field_1B4

Vector3 Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::field_1B4

◆ field_1C0

float Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::field_1C0

◆ field_1C4

float Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::field_1C4

◆ field_1F4

vector<int> Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::field_1F4

◆ field_208

Vector3 Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::field_208

◆ field_214

float Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::field_214

◆ field_218

int Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::field_218

◆ field_21C

Matrix3 Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::field_21C

◆ field_240

bool Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::field_240

◆ field_244

float Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::field_244

◆ field_248

float Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::field_248

◆ field_24C

float Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::field_24C

◆ field_250

int Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::field_250

◆ field_254

float Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::field_254

◆ field_258

float Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::field_258

◆ field_25C

float Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::field_25C

◆ field_260

float Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::field_260

◆ field_264

int Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::field_264

◆ field_270

int Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::field_270

◆ field_274

bool Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::field_274

◆ field_490

fixed_vector<int, 4> Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::field_490

◆ field_4B8

vector<int> Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::field_4B8

◆ field_4CC

int Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::field_4CC

◆ field_DC

vector<int> Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::field_DC

◆ field_F0

fixed_vector<float, 32> Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::field_F0

◆ mAngleVelocity

float Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::mAngleVelocity

◆ mAngularVelocity

Vector3 Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::mAngularVelocity

◆ mbSelfPowered

bool Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::mbSelfPowered

◆ mDesiredSpeed

float Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::mDesiredSpeed

◆ mInTransitTime

float Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::mInTransitTime

◆ mNeighborCheckRadius

float Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::mNeighborCheckRadius

◆ mNeighbors

fixed_vector<intrusive_ptr<cSpatialObject>, 128> Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::mNeighbors

◆ mPlanetCorrection

int Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::mPlanetCorrection

◆ mStandardSpeed

float Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::mStandardSpeed

◆ mTurnRate

float Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::mTurnRate

◆ mVelocity

Vector3 Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::mVelocity


const uint32_t Simulator::cLocomotiveObject::TYPE = 0x116DD1B

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