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App::cViewer Class Reference

#include <cViewer.h>

Public Member Functions

bool Initialize (bool)
bool ClearScene (int8_t flags)
 Clears one or more surfaces such as the render target, the depth buffer or the stencil buffer. More...
bool LoadTransformations ()
void SetBackgroundColor (const Math::ColorRGBA &color)
 Sets the background color that is shown in the background of the scene. More...
float GetNearPlane () const
float GetFarPlane () const
void SetNearPlane (float fValue)
void SetFarPlane (float fValue)
void SetAspectRatio (float fValue)
void SetCameraMaterialLODs (const Vector4 &values)
Vector4 GetCameraMaterialLODs () const
void SetRenderType (int renderType, bool=0)
void SetViewTransform (const Transform &transform)
Transform GetViewTransform () const
bool GetCameraToMouse (Vector3 &cameraPosition, Vector3 &direction) const
 Just calls GetCameraToPoint() for the current mouse coordinates. More...
bool GetCameraToPoint (float x, float y, Vector3 &cameraPosition, Vector3 &direction) const
D3DVIEWPORT9 GetViewport () const

Public Attributes

Matrix4 viewTransform
Matrix4 field_40
Matrix4 field_80
Matrix4 field_C0
Matrix4 field_100
ColorRGBA backgroundColor
int renderType
bool field_154
int field_158
float cameraMaterialLODs [4]
bool field_16C

Member Function Documentation

◆ ClearScene()

bool App::cViewer::ClearScene ( int8_t  flags)

Clears one or more surfaces such as the render target, the depth buffer or the stencil buffer.

This calls the IDirect3DDevice9::Clear() method using this Viewer background color. It will also call IDirect3DDevice9::SetViewport() if the current viewport is not that from the viewer. flags A combination of flags in the D3DCLEAR enum.

true If the operation was carried out successfully.

◆ GetCameraMaterialLODs()

Vector4 App::cViewer::GetCameraMaterialLODs ( ) const

◆ GetCameraToMouse()

bool App::cViewer::GetCameraToMouse ( Vector3 cameraPosition,
Vector3 direction 
) const

Just calls GetCameraToPoint() for the current mouse coordinates.


◆ GetCameraToPoint()

bool App::cViewer::GetCameraToPoint ( float  x,
float  y,
Vector3 cameraPosition,
Vector3 direction 
) const

◆ GetFarPlane()

float App::cViewer::GetFarPlane ( ) const

◆ GetNearPlane()

float App::cViewer::GetNearPlane ( ) const

◆ GetViewport()

D3DVIEWPORT9 App::cViewer::GetViewport ( ) const

◆ GetViewTransform()

Transform App::cViewer::GetViewTransform ( ) const

◆ Initialize()

bool App::cViewer::Initialize ( bool  )

◆ LoadTransformations()

bool App::cViewer::LoadTransformations ( )

◆ SetAspectRatio()

void App::cViewer::SetAspectRatio ( float  fValue)

◆ SetBackgroundColor()

void App::cViewer::SetBackgroundColor ( const Math::ColorRGBA color)

Sets the background color that is shown in the background of the scene.

More exactly, this is the color used to clear the scene.


◆ SetCameraMaterialLODs()

void App::cViewer::SetCameraMaterialLODs ( const Vector4 values)

◆ SetFarPlane()

void App::cViewer::SetFarPlane ( float  fValue)

◆ SetNearPlane()

void App::cViewer::SetNearPlane ( float  fValue)

◆ SetRenderType()

void App::cViewer::SetRenderType ( int  renderType,
bool  = 0 

◆ SetViewTransform()

void App::cViewer::SetViewTransform ( const Transform transform)

Member Data Documentation

◆ backgroundColor

ColorRGBA App::cViewer::backgroundColor

◆ camera

Camera* App::cViewer::camera

◆ cameraMaterialLODs

float App::cViewer::cameraMaterialLODs[4]

◆ field_100

Matrix4 App::cViewer::field_100

◆ field_154

bool App::cViewer::field_154

◆ field_158

int App::cViewer::field_158

◆ field_16C

bool App::cViewer::field_16C

◆ field_40

Matrix4 App::cViewer::field_40

◆ field_80

Matrix4 App::cViewer::field_80

◆ field_C0

Matrix4 App::cViewer::field_C0

◆ renderType

int App::cViewer::renderType

◆ viewTransform

Matrix4 App::cViewer::viewTransform

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