Effect string lost

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Effect string lost

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Hi guys :D im making new abilities for spore. But i reinstalled SporeMaster 2.0 and lost the effect animation string.

this is on the bite1.prop.xml :

<uint32s name="creatureAbilityCombatEffectEffectIds"> ---------- Is it this???
<float name="creatureAbilityDamage">1</float>
<texts name="creatureAbilityDescription">
<text tableid="#7153BBB1" instanceid="#00000002">A nip at the heels can cause some small prey to flee. (PLACEHOLDER)</text>
<texts name="creatureAbilityName">
<text tableid="#7153BBB1" instanceid="#00000001">Bite (PLACEHOLDER)</text>
<float name="creatureAbilityRazeDamage">0.25</float>
<vector2s name="creatureAbilityRequiredCAPsMaxValueRange">
<key name="verbIconRepresentativeAnimation" instanceid="#04DD7300" /> ----- Or this im replacing the effects???


Or is it in the creatureabilitytempelate~ directory???

I found it out.

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