The Switch

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The Switch

Unread postby MC Sneeks » Fri Jul 02, 2010 3:07 pm

laying awake trying to fade into my dreams , hours had passed thinking about the satelite stream debating if this life i live was true or another seam of something connecting the beyond something i couldn't make sence of, as i entertain myself with such ideas as AI , cyborgs and VR i start to fall asleep,as i fade deeper and deeper into slumber..... the alarm clock goes off i slam it with my fist ,ten o'clock, ''i thought i set this damn thing for eight...?'' i rolled out of my twin bed debating my mistake , jumped into the shower while my tunes play in the background, washing myself i notice markings on the back of my heel , at first i thought it was dirt from not wareing socks but as i found out it wasn't washing off, i got out and sat on the john examined it more fully it was a symbol of some sort ,''when the heck did i get a tatoo!?'' unable to remember where or when i got it i went to the tatoo shop i hang out in every now and then,started asking questions,''anyone remember this?'' as i showed them everyone repliyed no, nothing was acomplished no one remembered doing it or hearing about me getting it, so i left , while driving down the road i hear this high pich sound then everything around me started to glow neon blue,''holy stuff, wtf is going on!'' i pulled onto a back street closed my eyes rubbing them then opening them everything was back to normal, "hugh,ok,my day dreaming must be getting the best of me..." i muffled under my breath, turning back on the main road making my way back to my place my phone goes off with a blocked number,''i don't know you"letting the caller go into my voicemail , about five houses away from my place i hear that same high pitch, but nothing glowed, "i must be tripping out or something....gotta lay off that drinking..." the high pitch fades off i park and make my way inside, my phone beeps letting me know i have a voicemail, so i punch in my password to check it, a quite voices says '' So you don't remember anything,nothing about the switch or the grid,we have met before Fox,perhaps it will come back to mind after this...." i closed my phone confused about the message, "who was that and why did they call me fox?.." there was a knock at my front door,paranoia crept up my spine, i waited till whomever it was left, opened the door and found a package with the word fox on it, i looked left and right finding no one in sight, not even the sound of a truck...nothing, so i brought that package inside and opened it , it was a neon blue laptop of some sort, i examined it and found it had no numbers or letters , it had symbols i found one that matched the one on my heel,"how , what is going on, who..what the stuff is all this..." i threw the laptop across the room gazing at it confounded trying to gather some answers that could explain what was going on, after a few minutes a voice came from the laptop simalar to the voice in the message,"Fox...Fox..the time has come...Fox,,,"

To be Continued.....



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Re: The Switch

Unread postby superckool » Sat Jul 03, 2010 5:59 pm

Great story! I'm really hooked I'll probably read part 2 its interesting, really interesting.
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