The ultimate graphics fix topic.

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The ultimate graphics fix topic.

Unread postby paranoid_modder » Tue Apr 09, 2019 5:25 pm

Since the sporum is gone, i decided to reupload the original post about the shiny graphics fix for spore here, for archival purposes. Original post by K2017

I'm leaving the original thread here for archival purposes (because I'm too lazy to delete it and it might still be useful to those using the disc installation of SPORE).

If you've already installed the fix and you are experiencing issues with it, please refer to the FAQ below, thank you!

New (and Old) Features:

-Fix for lighting and general shading
-Fix for bump-mapping
-Fix for muddy textures (wip list):
____-On Creatures
-Fix for opaque cells

Technical stuff:

-This fix doesn't cause a config error on startup, unlike the fix where you replace Spore's config with Spore CC's config.

-Only seems to work if you have Spore GA installed, and only if you replace the config for both Spore and Spore GA. Not sure why...

-What you see is what you get. This fix makes Spore use the shaders your graphics card provides instead of using no shaders at all. If your card provides measly shaders, the game will run with measly shaders!

Installation (For Origin):

Preface: It is recommended to have Spore installed and correctly patched before using this fix (For the sake of consistency). Refer to the 'Common Guides' section of the Master Help FAQ Thread for installation instructions.

1. Download 'Spore graphics' from the link below to your Desktop.

2. Locate the folders of your Origin game installation (Default for Spore should be (Location of your origin Library)/Origin Games/Spore/Data/Config) (And for GA (Location of your origin Library)/Origin Games/SPORE Galactic Adventures/Data/Config)

3. Very Important: Make backups of 'ConfigManager.txt' and 'Properties.txt' by renaming them to 'ConfigManagerOLD.txt' and 'PropertiesOLD.txt' or similar. Do this for both directories (Spore and Spore GA)

4. Copy the files from the zip file to both the 'Spore' and 'SporeGA' Config directories

5. Run the game using the GA launcher and open up a Sporepedia creature (Preferably a shiny one) to test if it worked

6. ??????

7. Profit!

Credit goes to Rob for posting the fix for HD creature textures in this thread, through which I would not have known about it (Whomever may have discovered it originally). I have incorporated it into the files now for ease of installation! (I hope that's cool with everyone ).


!DISCLAIMER! The Creature Texture Fix May cause creatures you encounter in creature stage to be missing their textures! If this is happening to you I suggest using the DL link without the fix (3rd link down) until a solution is found!

4096 Creature Texture Fix (For beefy computers. Has been know to cause crashes on less powerful computers!): ...

2048 Creature Texture Fix (For older computers): ...

If you don't want the HD Creature Textures Fix at all please use this download: ...


Q: I don't have Spore GA or Spore C&C; (or a combination of those) installed, will this still work?
A: It should yes, simply place the files in the Spore config directory as you would when installing normally and run the game using the Spore launcher.

Q: I have a black screen in-game, what do I do?
A: This one's a doozy. I don't quite know what causes this, but apparently setting shadow quality to Medium down from High fixes it. If that doesn't do it, try lowering settings until it fixes itself.

Q: There are weird lines on my creatures, why is that?
A: This is a side effect of HD creature textures and isn't fixable (Without serious modding) from what I can tell. If you really can't live with the lines, then what you can do is go into 'ConfigManager.txt' and scroll all the way down until you see a line with: 'intProp skinpaintTextureSize 4096'. Reduce the number from '4096' to '2048' or lower (Note that it should be a power of 2).

I forgot to say this, but SPORE and Spore GA should be updated to version 1.5.1 for best results. (This is the version I used to test in the first place.)

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Re: The ultimate graphics fix topic.

Unread postby Flames Kid » Wed Apr 10, 2019 2:02 pm

I have done this so many times, yet still need this guide every time lol
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Re: The ultimate graphics fix topic.

Unread postby SHADIA » Tue Aug 20, 2019 12:40 pm

Does it only work with Origin, or will it work with Steam too?

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