BuzzSphere Mod v1.1 (New update)

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BuzzSphere Mod v1.1 (New update)

Unread postby Marduk » Sat Mar 09, 2019 11:04 am

Yeah, so i uploaded this mod updated to work with the newest patch and now, i'm here uploading the same mod but with some more features. Just see this

Version 1.0:
* Social all as good as lvl 5
* Infinite sprint
* Infinite sneak/stealth
* Glide long time
* Weak epics
* Less drain
* Super food
* Longer fruit
* Big jump
* Money for eating
* No sea monster
* Start with all members
* Quick baby grow-up time
* Longer fruit
* Super food
* Less drain
* Cheap Vehicles
* SoL infinite
* Spice raid chance and spice stolen is 0
* All stars have a rare
* No space limit
* Buy up to 99 items from any one shop
* Hold upto 500 items
* Spice is less costly to buy
* MoreMoney cheat gives you 99999999
* Spice sells for more
* Infinite ammo weapons
* Recharge times are 1 second
* Tools can be used on save games and ruins
* Colonies store more spice
* Spice production multiplier
* No anger weapons
* No anger ally grox
* BIIIIGGGG health
* More trade routes
* Strong allies
* Stronger autoturret
* Increased mission payouts
* Big relationship bonus
* Less frquent war attacks, biosphere collapses and pirate raids
* Storybook Planets are Common
* Shows hiddden achievements
* Easy achievements
* Max complexity increased
* 1,000,000 cheats until joker badge

Version 1.1 (the latest one)


*(almost ) INFINITE HP (or atleast when u have the best hp upgrade)
*Faster UFO in Galactic travels
*Faster UFO in planets
*Updated the Death laser up to 999 DMG and -5 Energy cost (This will make u get more energy when u use it)

That's it for all, i'll try to release more versions of this mod.
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