[video]War Mongering Draft Dodger Tax Evader Wants War!

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[video]War Mongering Draft Dodger Tax Evader Wants War!

Unread postby taskmangr » Sun Oct 28, 2012 4:05 am

True to form, Mitt Romney would love to put us into more wars if elected president in spite of the fact that he and his spineless offsprings are far too good to make the sacrifice of serving in the military.
The Romney herd is campaigning on heightened aggression in the Middle East which could very well lead into at least 2 more wars, is pushing for an increase of 2 trillion dollars in military spending although the military has not asked for it……..
and of course who can cannot forget Ann Romney who reminded us all on The View last week that Mormon "missionary service" converting "heathens in France" during the Vietnam War amounted to the same thing as serving in combat.
With all that in mind, the good people at Faith in Country have released the following Public Service Announcement discussing war and Mitt Romney’s character (or lack thereof).

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