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Davo Custom Weapons & Shields!

Here you can view and discuss the secrets of Pandora
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The Boss
The Boss
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Davo Custom Weapons & Shields!

Unread post by Davo »

A few txt files that should load into willow tree.

or you can download everything!
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Re: Davo Custom Weapons & Shields!

Unread post by chaptmc »

Ok, lets try this again,as this forum signed me out when I went to post my reply, so it didn't post it :x , which means I have to retype everything, ugh.

First off, thank you for the encoding for the Gearbox Rider Davo, as that is going to help me alot as I have ideas for the weapon :mrgreen: . Also, I took notice that you created a Bloody Chimera. I have done so as well at one point and I took notice to something when I modified it I dunno why but putting in the Raw prefix actually does more damage than Bloody, so if you want it to do more damage, you can change the prefix from Bloody to Raw.

I have tested your variant of 'The Sentinel' and I must say I like the gun :) . All the pieces are present, good damage, and very nice fire burst, all without lagging the game. Kudos to you on this weapon Davo as I will be using this weapon again in the future.

I have tested your Vladof Glorious Rhino, and all I can say is wow, lol. Flamethrower? More like a speedy Inferno :twisted: . This weapon actually inspires me to create a caustic non rocket launcher like this. Kudos to you as I will use this gun in the future.

I have tested your Atlas The Sentinel Cyclops, and I didn't like this gun so much. As great as it was firing rockets from a Sniper Rifle, you had to be close range for the rockets to do any damage. Can't say this will be a weapon I will be using in the future.

I have tested your Whitting's Elephant Gun Chimera, and I didn't like this gun so much either, and it's for the same reason why I didn't like the original Atlas Variant: There is no Very High Elemental Effect Chance to go hand and hand with it. Don't get me wrong, the gun does superb damage without the elemental effect, but it's not a True Chimera with out the Very High Elemental Effect Chance ot go with it.

I have tested your variant of 'Sledge's Shotgun', and I can't say I liked this gun much either. It's great in all aspects except that it keeps firing until the clip is empty, and on Soldier Characters that can have a clip size of 100+ rounds before reloading, it is a bit inefficient, so I can't say I will be using this gun again in the future.

I have tested your Rainmaker, and it is another gun that I must say, wow, lol to. It keeps firing spread grenades for upto 20 seconds, lol, making it a very powerful weapon indeed. Sadly, as much as I like the weapon, I will not be using it in the future, as it nearly froze my PS3 when I used it .

I have tested your Cold Raven and once again, wow, lol. Yet anothet gun though that I like but I won't be using in the future as it nearly froze my PS3.

I have tested your Hostile Mongol, and I really like this gun. It is a SMG variant of my Cobalt Orion, and because the Cobalt Orion has a 99% Elemental Effect Chance, I don't worry about the elemental effect chance. Kudos to you on this weapon as well, and I will be using it in the future :) .

If I make updated variants of your weapons, would you allow me to post them, provided I give you credit for creating the original? Also, you wouldn't happen to have a working leveled unmodded encoding for the Torgue Boom Stick, would you?
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