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Spore Guide Updated!

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Spore Guide Updated!

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Starting Out

Welcome to Spore this guide will help you start and finish the game. The first step is the red highlights in this guide is a warning that is top priority in game. The second step is the blue highlights, which are suggestions and don’t have to be followed. Next we will be talking about cell stage in this guide. Open spore after you are in spore click on one of the stars on the galaxy screen, click cell stage and then press next. Next it will ask what diet you will be herbivore or carnivore; it will also ask you what’s the name of your planet. Type the name of your planet or randomize by clicking on the dice in the top corner of the box. Once you have your planet name press next; you will be taken to a cut scene with a meteorite falling to your newly picked planet. Press escape to skip it. Congratulations you have successfully entered cell stage.

Cell Stage

Welcome to cell stage. In cell stage you will need to eat to fill the bar at the bottom of your screen. If your carnivore you eat the red meat, if your herbivore you eat the green seaweed. If your omnivore you eat both. Warning: when you get higher in cell stage you will run into epics which can kill you in two bites. After you complete the in-game tutorial there will be a cut scene were an epic eats another cell and a part drops swim through it you will pick it up the part shown in the image above. You will notice a blue button above your progress bar, it’s the mating call button click it and follow the hearts. You will find a cell that looks like your own, swim up to it to mate. You can skip the cut scene. Mating will take you into the cell editor where you can add and remove parts. Suggestion: put the spike you pick up in the beginning of cell stage on your cell. You are done editing your cell, click on the text box at the bottom of your screen and name your cell or randomize with the dice mentioned earlier in this guide. When done naming your cell press the check mark in the bottom right of your screen to save and exit the editor. To be omnivore you must balance the eating of meat and seaweed, the most common way to balance it is to eat a little of both. To be omnivore you must have both a carnivore mouth and herbivore mouth or kill a cell with a tube mouth known as a proboscis. Warning: you must be in cell to change your diet. Once you move up from cell there is no changing your diet. Once your bar is full in cell click the blue history button in the bottom right of your screen to advance. You can use the history button to track your diet.

Creature stage

Once you advance it will take you to the starter creature editor where you will put legs on your creature. Once you have evolved legs press the check mark and move to creature stage. Welcome to life on land. Once on land you will notice that your surrounded by your nest mates and below there is a red button and a green button they are called stances. Red is the combat stance and green is the social stance you will have to make friends/kill creatures to fill your progress bar. There are four attacks for each stance the combat stance has bite, charge, strike, and spit. The social stance has sing, dance, charm, and pose. Warning: epics are present on land as well these can kill you with one hit. Epics have 1000 hp and can go to 5000 hp. There are also half epics known as rogues with 250 hp; are neutral depending on your games difficulty. Epics cannot be allied with, unless you find their nest which is very hard to find. Epics can be killed though. Tactics will be explained later in this guide you will also notice that there is a blue button that is your consequence ability you will have certain abilities depending on your Trait card. Look at the chart on pg. 4. Your trait card can be found in your history which is the button you press to move from Cell Stage.
To socialize click the green social stance button and target a creature, either double click the creature or click and press sing. To attack click the red combat stance button and either double click or target the creature and click bite. Suggestion: click on the bones that’s laying around to get more parts. When you have done a few social/combat sessions your brain will grow. Congrats your getting closer to being sentient. Now that your brain has grown you will notice on your right that there is a slot for a pack member to get a pack member simply socialize with your own species or another species. That species must be at the green happy face in order for them to join your pack you can have a max of 3 pack members. If you can’t find your nest look at the mini map there is an arrow pointing the way, or you can click the mating call button. An arrow will appear on your screen. To find a mate click the mating call button and click on the creature with the hearts over there head. You will enter the creature editor; you can skip the cut scene. Once in the creature editor you can add arms, hands, legs, feet, weapons, and social items. If you hover your cursor over an item in the palette you will notice stats, these are important the higher the stats the better your attacks are. After you have edited your creature you will eventually migrate to a new nest. You can skip the cut scene to find the nest. You must follow the path when you reach your new nest you will be greeted by your nest mate. You can skip this cut scene as well. Congrats you have found a new home. Warning: do not stray from land you will be eaten by something referred to as the sea monster. As you continue to kill/socialize your brain will grow again and you will migrate once more. This is your last migration then your brain will grow for the last time and you will be prompted to move to tribe stage. Suggestion: make all the edits you want before you move to tribe stage, as this is the last time you will be able to edit your creature.

Tribe stage

Welcome to the life as a sapient species your nearly to the end of the game. Keep up the great work and you will be finished in no time. At the bottom of your screen in the middle there are the two stance bars explained earlier in this guide but now instead of using your body as a form of self-defense you will use weapons such as spears, axes, and torches. Warning: from here on out there will be epics present on land. However they will be easy as your technology gets more advanced as you have noticed you have two consequence abilities depending on your trait card will determine your consequence trait look on pg. 4 for details in tribe, Dna is no longer needed to fill the bar you will have to collect food for money and kill/socialize other tribes in tribe stage epics don’t normally bother you so don’t worry about that first things first you need money food is money so select a tribe member by either clicking them or clicking on a button in the list on your right hand side you can hold control to select multiple tribe members or you can hold down the mouse button and draw a box around them. Now that your tribesmen are selected right click to move him or give him orders so depending on your diet will depend on the food you collect if your carnivore you can kill creatures and collect the meat or fish to kill set your tribe to the combat stance and right click on the creature you wish to attack once the creature is dead your tribesmen will automatically collect the food. To fish select your tribesmen and on the mini map a little symbol that looks like a fish will show those are the fishing spots available move your tribesmen to that spot and right click on the spot where the fish are jumping. If you’re an herbivore, select a tribesmen and right click on a fishing spot for seaweed or right click on the plants for fruit. Now that you have food you will need defense hover your cursor over the hut and click the big button at the top this panel will let you put buildings in the marked spots put the available defense building in and press the check mark in the bottom right corner to save then select a tribesmen and right click on the building to give him a weapon. Above your mini map there will be notifications telling you what is happening around you it will tell you if another tribe is attacking or if an ally is bringing a gift suggestion: when you attack or socialize leave one tribesmen behind to guard or wild creatures will steal your food. The biggest house on your map is your tribe the smaller ones are rival tribes. To permanently destroy a tribe, you must destroy their hut biggest building in the tribe. suggestion don’t attack any buildings until all their tribesmen are dead and don’t worry about baby’s the hut is your primary building the rest of the buildings will blow up after you destroyed their hut. If you lose tribesmen don’t worry just simply hover your cursor over your hut and click on the button below the big button and wait until the baby grows up and give him orders. To socialize give your tribesmen social tools by building the proper huts. And again leave one guy to guard Suggestion: do not make your chieftain collect food he is a very good guard. Only take the chieftain to war or to social events. In the tribe editor where you add buildings at top left hand corner you will notice another tab click it here you can put clothes on your tribe’s men and change their color you will notice there are stats on clothes. Suggestion: put on clothes that are go along with your trait card don’t put on clothes that bring combat skills up if your social and vice versa it makes no sense.
If your tribe is not in good standing with your rival tribe, you will have to bring them a gift in order to socialize with them warning: when you gift them they become neutral but they won’t stay like that forever gift them and socialize asap. To gift them simply select your tribesmen and right click on their hut. To socialize give all your tribesmen the available social tools and split the tools evenly between tribesmen so if you have 6 tribe’s men and you have a maracas building a wooden flutes building give three tribesmen maracas and three wooden flutes. Now select all of your tribes’ men your taking to the social event and right click on one of the rival tribe’s men when you arrive there will be bubbles above the tribesmen’s heads play the instrument that is shown in the bubble.
You will do this a total of two times than there your allies. Continue killing/socializing until your bar is full. Congrats you can now move to civilization stage.

Civilization stage

Welcome to civilized life first thing you will do is build a vehicle remember stats explained earlier in this guide well those will be used here when you get to put weapons on your car on right hand side there are percentages the higher the health and defense percentage the better speed does not matter unless you’re an economic nation. Now that you have your car go claim the spice geyser the red smoke coming out of the ground to claim it select your car either out of the menu or just click on it you can select multiple the same way you do it in tribe stage. You will want to get as many of these spice geyser as you can they are the source of your money to make more cars hover your cursor over your city and click on the little car symbol if you’re on the coast you can build submarines or boats. To do that hover your cursor over your city and click the big city planner button this is where you build houses, factory’s, and entertainment so you can go ahead and do that notice when you insert a build a line appears well white lines you don’t have to worry about it is the red ones that you want to keep down factory’s make the red lines they also bring in increased income however they make your city happiness go down that is not good suggestion: put one factory per city and as many houses and entertainment buildings as you like and don’t forget to put turrets on your city. Now build your boat and remember the more health and weapons the better and claim as many spice geysers as possible. Now that you have done that there should be another city on your continent regardless of what the game says don’t attack it. Just leave it alone to get rid of un used vehicles put your cursor over the little icon they create on the right and click the red X button do this for all unused vehicles. It saves money. Now sit there and watch your money grow for about a good 30 minutes then you can create vehicles and attack a city to attack a city select your vehicles then hover your cursor over the enemy city and press the capture city button then watch. Suggestion: do not defend spice if you collect enough money you won’t need spice geysers through the entire stage. Focus on the enemies’ cities and not what they’re doing to your spice selling unused vehicles gives a partial refund and it’s a good habit. You can go into the city planner and set city music and also decorate your city which has no benefit you can put clothes on your creature in this stage has no benefits. If you are economic your cars will have no weapons so avoid war start as many trade routes as possible trade routes are started the same way attack is started. Capture cities until the bar is full and congrats you can now move to space stage.

Space stage

Welcome to the intergalactic community this is the last stage of the game there are no other stages after this one first regardless of what the in game tutorial tells you simply selling spice does not get you money not a lot anyways. Spice has different selling price depending on where you go. Let’s find our first empire when you exit your planet’s atmosphere you will be in your solar system to exit the atmosphere simply scroll up if you don’t have a mouse and your using a trackpad use the plus and minus buttons on your keyboard now use the same method to exit your solar system you are now in galactic view move your cursor over the star if there is a life form capable of space travel you will hear and see blue radio waves come out of the star click that star to move to it before we continue in the bottom left hand corner on your screen you will see filters turn all of them on they will save your life. Now scroll down to enter the solar system at the bottom of your screen there will be a communication panel it’s the box with the picture of a creature in it now click on the button at the top of the picture you have successfully made contact. click the sell button and look at the price of the spice in your cargo and compare it with other empires. When you find a good deal sell it. Making allies in space is your best bet because pissing them off is easy continue to do this until you have lots of money buy different colored spice from other empires and sell for a higher price elsewhere. Ok colonization is one of the most important parts of survival in space stage to colonize a planet go to the colonization tab at the bottom of your screen. And click the colony button and place it anywhere you can place it on any planet as long as it has spice.
You have successfully placed your colony to produce the spice on that planet it must have life to terraform a planet you must have 1 atmosphere generator and a small plant a medium plat and a large plant you will also need a carnivore animal and a herbivore or omnivore animal first go back to your home world its marked with an arrow and a home icon once you arrive make communication and click missions and go to the link that says “I would like to expand our empire” and click “I would like to terraform a planet” you will be provided with the necessary supplies to terraform the planet Warning: they only supply you with the supplies once after that it up to you to get the items you need. After you have terraformed your planet add a factory to complete the mission to add buildings in space stage follow the instructions on pg7. Go to the specified planet you can see your missions in the top left corner of your screen this box gives you solar system name and planet name you can view the solar system name by hovering your cursor over the star at the top of the box that appears will be a solar system name. notice that when you accept a mission there is a blue line going to the star that show where you need to go. If you have visited a solar system before it will put a box around it if it’s another life forms home world the star will be filled in with a color the dotted line you see appear when you move that is your travel trail it shows you the path you took to get to your destination this can help when you get lost follow that trail back to your home world. Navigation can be easy in spore one thing that always helps is zooming all the way out and looking at where your home world is or where your trying to go. If you end up in war don’t fear war is simple first don’t panic if another lifeform attacks you that does not mean you’re in war it can sometimes be pirates and they do that on a regular basis if you enter the planet being attacked atmosphere and see grey dots on your map that’s pirates nothing to fear if there colored and there is a red zone in a certain spot in space then you’re in war nothing to fear just defend the planet being attacked and make a counter attack asap to attack someone simply enter there planet’s atmosphere and click the red weapons tab and click your missiles and target there space craft destroy all the spacecraft on the planet and any turrets then attack there buildings when they surrender their colony a button will show up at the top of your screen and you can claim the colony they will automatically leave if you destroy their colony it simply will blow up if your too badly damaged to continue the war simply leave and go repair and recharge and continue the assault never accept a peace offering because there is never actually peace you usually end up back in war. Eventually you will be notified there were destroyed and the war will end to attack someone simply click on them with a weapon selected some weapons require you to hold the mouse button. Keep their space craft as far away from you as possible they do a lot of damage moving while in combat is a good strategy to reduce the amount of damage you take. If you are destroyed in combat don’t worry you will simply come back and continue your game as normal. Sometimes you run in to planets with white signals coming off of them when you hover your cursor over them those have artifacts and tools the artifacts sell for a high price and the tools just gives you something new to play with sometimes it will just be a pirate ambush destroy them and leave. You will get bribes for money from alien empires ignore those it can piss of the empire sometimes they give you money when your bar is nearly full your empire will ask you to find the Grox there located in the center of the galaxy but its best to have interstellar drive five or four first. Warning: The Grox have 2400 colonies and are very dangerous do not attack them turn off any automatic weapons and simply make contact and leave. If you ally the Grox you will be in war with the entire galaxy that’s not suggested. They like when you break the galactic code and they protect the core of the galaxy which would give you the ability to terraform any planet to T3 there are three levels of terraforming T1 T2 & T3 the Grox only inhabit barren planets and the staff of life would in turn give you the ability to destroy them the Staff of life (SOL) has 42 charges. Warning: if you destroy the Grox you will have to reinstall the game to get them back they will not come back in any saved game. Going to the galactic core (core of the Galaxy) will not put you in war with them most lifeforms have a limit on how far they will go to attack you they will not travel to another galaxy leg to attack you but the Grox will travel anywhere to attack you. best bet is to not attack them sometimes if you have an alliance they will attack your ally do not attack them just enter the planet’s atmosphere and the Grox will leave. The galactic code prevents you from using things like gravitational wave and the planet buster breaking the galactic code makes the Grox happy but instantly puts you in war with any other lifeform with in ten parsecs you can tell how many parsecs you are from a star by looking at the bottom of the box that appears when you hover your cursor over a star. Allying a life form is easy giving them money makes them happy with you. doing missions makes them happy so looking for friends do missions donate money you will have friends. You can scan any plant and animal by going to the main tools panel and clicking on the scan button. You can color planet by going to the planet coloring tools panel and selecting a paint. You can sculpt a planet by going in to the sculpting tools panel and select the tool you’re looking for. You can pick up and creature of plant by going to the cargo tab to drop a creature you can either press the red X in the creature slot or click on the creature’s slot and beam him down. congrats you have completed spore.

Picking your archetype

There are three basic archetypes Trader, Shaman, & Warrior this guide will go over these three very basic archetypes and how to become one and how to change your archetype
The warrior you must be aggressive in creature, tribe, and civilization stage to become a warrior. the warrior is very mean and is always looking for a fight. The Trader you must be adaptable in creature, tribe, and civilization stage to become a trader the trader is into making money and keeping the peace between there trade negotiations but will fight if it comes to that. The shaman you must be social in creature, & tribe the trader is peaceful and is looking to make friends with every one he meets. to change your archetype, you must be allied with a 5-star empire to tell if there a five-star empire hover your Cursor over one of their spaceships you will see a star on the left hand side it should have a number in it that is their rating if that number is not five and you’re not allied with them than they can’t change your archetype. Best way to make them a five-star empire is to start a trade route with them and give them money to colonize. There rating will go up. There are lots of other archetypes listed below. And the quotes they use.

1.Diplomat (“The grand council is pleased to welcome its friends)
2.Zealot (“you would do well to listen to the word of Spode”)
3.Scientist (“welcome friend let us reason together”)
4.Ecologist (“peace and light. What’s your wish”)?
5.Bard (“wait wait. let us guess what you want hmmm... is it… an umbrella”)
6.Knight (player only)
7.Shaman (“we perceive your benevolent aura”)
8.Trader (“you are rivaled in appearance only by the sun in splendor welcome”)
9.Warrior (“the light of your species is not yet extinguished we see”)
10.Wanderer (not really an archetype)

The words highlighted above is the key words your looking for in these archetypes.

Playing adventures

Welcome to Galactic Adventures for everyone’s note galactic adventures is a separate icon from vanilla spore playing adventures is very easy it is similar to playing the creature stage except you’re playing with a civilized creature first open galactic adventures once you have done that on the left hand side there will be a galactic adventure tab click that. Then click the big play button referred to as the quick play button now pick adventure town and press next then next again and congrats you have entered your first adventure as you can see it is almost identical to creature stage there are two differences there is no history button and you use energy not a hunger bar now at the top left corner there is a box with what you have to do to complete that act at the bottom there is a bar showing your overall progress once that bar is full your done with the adventure. At the bottom left corner there is your map as always the dots are creatures and the arrow is pointing you to where you need to be. Energy is used when you use a weapon or your shield is hit by something.

Creating your own adventure

Now that you have played your first adventure click the create your own adventure button and pick a planet after you have done that press the check mark in the bottom right corner
And welcome to the adventure creator first go to settings and go to game and capture settings and turn off the tutorials. First let’s edit our planet. At the top of your screen there will be three buttons click the one furthest to the right notice a panel appears on your right the different planets shown in that panel are presets that let you add paint and plants to your planet instantly. On the next tab you will see that you can manually paint your planet to change the color of the overall terrain on the left of the panel click on the tabs and click a color at the top of the panel to get rid of a tab simply drag it and drop it out of the panel on the right of the panel you can change beach color, cliff color, sky color, & water color just click on the little boxes and choose a color on your next tab is where you add plants simply click on the plant slot choose your plant out of the sporepedia and press the check mark at the bottom right corner follow these instructions when selecting any item or creature out of the Sporepedia or hover your cursor over the box and click the dice to randomize the creation. Below the selection boxes is plant density this lets you control how may plants is on your planet. Below the slider there is the box that lets you select your ground cover to see the ground cover zoom in using your mouse scroll or plus and minus buttons. On the next tab you can control weather there is an atmosphere (sky) or not you can control how hot or cold it is sliding to the right makes it hotter and sliding to the left makes it colder you can control water level. There are hazards on your planet to turn those of simply check the box that is labeled hazards.
At the top you can control what time it is. the lock lets you determine if it stays that time or not. On the last tab you can sculpt your world by dragging and dropping the stamps you can also add path. At the top of your screen click the button furthest to the left the first tab is where you can select creatures out of the sporepedia to put them in the world simply drag them from the panel to the world. To delete something out of the panel simply hover your cursor over the box and click the red X to delete it out of the panel. To delete something out of the world just select it by clicking on it and press the delete button on your keyboard. To control that creature, hover your cursor over the box there in inside the panel and click the behaviors panel here you can control weather the creature is aggressive toward you or is friendly you can also control awareness (how far they can see), speed (how fast they walk), damage (how much damage they do when they attack you), & health. You can choose what team their on the teams are an important behavior control tactic if you put the creature as aggressive but he is on the allied team then he won’t attack the captain (player) but he will attack anyone on any other team. If you put him on the enemy team he will attack anyone who is on the opposite team experimentation is encouraged. You can set where he walks to where he potrols his patrol path when putting him on patrol notice that a line appears if you put your cursor over the marker and hold alt you can copy the marker to make a path same with move to. You can specify what item you want him to hold by putting him on hold target and dragging the marker from the panel to the world or you can make him give a target item he is holding. On the bottom right hand corner, you can set the players health and which captain they play with. You will notice there is a panel saying drag goal to cast member. That is how you assign the player tasks you can have up to three tasks but you can create up to eight acts to create a new act go to the bottom there you will notice a + sign click that to add a new act warning: all the acts are numbered in roman numerals you can switch between acts by clicking the act that is behind the new act. On your right there is a button that lets you set the win lose text on your left there is a button that lets you set the introduction. Above the captain panel there is a little box that says crew this lets you have a pack like in creature stage you can click the + to let the player have a pack or you can give them a pre assigned pack to do that click on the pack member box created when you clicked the + button then pick a crew member you can hover you cursor over the box to show more buttons the lock makes that crew member unchangeable there is also that lock on the captain restricting the player to that captain making the adventure unplayable in space stage explained later in this guide. On the right of the act bar you can time that act just click the button on that act and set the time you can get rid of an act by clicking the big red X. Warning: if you want walls or any sort of structure you will have to create the structure in the building creator. On the next tab you can add vehicles the tab after it you can add buildings those are the three main tabs that involves player creations the next five tabs lets you put fixed objects, gameplay objects, audio, & effects the last tab gives you a list of all the items in your adventure. At the top there is a center button which gives you the ability to test your adventure. To your right is your complexity meter which once that meter is full you can no longer add items. You must have the captain (player) in the world to test play or save. Where ever you put the captain is where the player begins the adventure Suggestion: put the captain in the location of his first objective. Now that you know the basics on creating adventures lets create one of our own. first figure out the plot and what is going to happen in your adventure. Second build it. So let’s create a sample adventure for now just follow my lead and we will be done in no time first pick the planet called crater canyon now find a spot for your adventure to take place preferably on flat ground if you can’t find any just go to the sculpting panel and use the level platform stamp in the basic tools tab now that you got your area that your adventure takes place start putting plants and making the planet look the way you want. Don’t forget to turn off hazards now that your planet looks the way you want it go to build mode the button at the top furthest to the left. Use the arrow key to navigate the planet. Now add any building set its health and put it on the allied team if the building is not all the way on the ground hold control than pull the building down with your mouse. Let’s add any creature now set its health and set it behavior to neutral if you can’t tell which button is neutral hover your cursor over each behavior until you find the one that says neutral you can set his other stats to whatever you want. Now put him on the allied team. And make him stationary now drag him into the world. Make Him larger or smaller by holding shift and scrolling. Now add the Bards Song under Audio. now under fixed objects add an ancient chest. Now drag the goal marker from the panel next to the captain panel and set the goal as talking to the creature to set the creature dialog click the button that says goal text. make the creature say “hello welcome to your first adventure” create a new act. Now go to the ancient chest behaviors panel and at the top click the yellow bar you have broken a link successfully now go to act one and click the eye in the ancient chests behavior panel go to act two and make the player examine the chest. Make it say “cool its ancient” What this does is makes the chest invisible on act one and visible on act two now test the adventure if you did it correctly you should not see the chest at first. Now name the adventure My first adventure. Below the description and tags box is a drop down it lets you pick your genre. Now click the question mark in the bottom right hand corner. And play it in quick play. Name your captain and play congrats you have created your first adventure.

Playing Adventures in space stage

Playing adventures in quick ply is fun however there is another way to play adventures you can play and unlock new adventures through space stage you have to be in galactic adventures to play any adventures in space stage when you get into your game you will notice 2 things first it will ask you, your captains name you can just put his species name or whatever you want. And second you will notice a button above his portrait which is an outfitter you can outfit your captain with captain parts although they must be unlocked through playing adventures another thing is your home world will have a new mission for you. To play adventure simply look for a star with a flag above it and go to the planet with the same flag and scroll like you are entering the atmosphere a box should pop up giving to adventures description accept to begin the adventure once you have played the adventure it will unlock and you will be able to play it in quick play. You should unlock a new part after the adventure is complete enter the outfitter and go to the tab that looks like a star put the part on your captain these parts are usable in any adventure. You can get adventure mission from other empires. Congrats your nearly to the end of this guide keep following the instructions and you will master the game.

Making a Captain

Making your captain in space stage is long and boring if you’re creating an adventure you don’t want to wait for your captain to get done unlocking the parts in space stage. On the galaxy screen on your left there is a button named create click it. here you can create any vehicle, building, creature even captain so to create a captain hover your cursor over the button with a paw on it and click the button with the star on it. Welcome to the captain creator click on the captain tab and have fun. But before you go any further be warned that if you want higher parts use the markers (arrows) to increase level and make the weapons more stylish. Now you can create any captain without the wait. Suggestion: do not use items that have the shield generator stat they eat energy up like mad.

Advanced Controls

Below is a list of editor controls not mentioned in this guide.

2.Hold shift and scroll to zoom in and out in any editor (excluding Galactic adventures planet editor.)
3.Hold control and press Z to undo in any editor
4.Hold alt to duplicate any item in any editor
5.When painting hold alt to paint section of a building. (only applies to the building editor and vehicle editor.)

If anything was missed please notify me.

Tricks and Tips

Killing epics in creature stage: There are three tactics to killing epics first run backwards and spit. Spit four and five are suggested and being herbivore or omnivore are also suggested for all tactics listed. this takes a good 30 minutes. The second tactic is lure him to your nest and spit at him your nest mates will attack him. This tactic takes another good 20 minutes. The third tactic involves getting him stuck in trees or rocks or crystals and spit do not back up to far or he will escape.
Modding spore: first thing to know is that mods only work with galactic adventures and that this requires you to have intermediate computer skills. Mods go in this directory with the disk version: C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE_EP1\Data first install sporeModder from this website:
However you can use Spore master. But not recommended
https://github.com/Emd4600/SporeModder/ ... tag/v1.3.3
Do not forget to download the .net framework from this website:
http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/deta ... laylang=en
extract the spore master or SporeModder zip folder click the unpack button and unpack the spore_game.package then name the project in the box labeled project
lets go to the creature abilities folder and click strike1.prop.Xml select it and on your right there should be a window with text change the damage to 1500 then pack your mod using the button at the top that looks like a closed box then place the mod in your Spore data folder the directory is C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE\Data. (anything after this is for spore master) and go into the folder and click the exe make sure that you’re in the spore packages tab select one of the partial directory’s in the box and specify the location of the text. Package file and the spore game. Package file the directory for these files are C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE\Data and C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE\Data\Locale\en-us now select one of the directory and unpack them by pressing the unpack button at the bottom of the window. Go to the mods tab and click the create button and name your mod “my first mod” and now go to the files tab here you can change anything you want in the game so lets go to the creature abilities folder and click strike1.prop.Xml select it and on your right there should be a window with txt at the top click modify and change the creature ability damage to 1500 now go to the mods tab and click pack now put it in this directory : C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE_EP1\Data and open galactic adventures now strike does a ton more damage the explore right and left button lets you see the modified and unmodified version of the file. Congrats you have created your first mod. Here is the link to the websites where you can download mods just click the link on the webpage http://www.davoonline.com/download//

Goto this website https://sporemodder.wordpress.com/spore-modapi/ to get the Spore Modapi which makes installing Mods Much easier it has
other features. The other features must be explored by the users I have never personally used it so I don't know much about it.

Congratulations you have completed this guide to spore this is everything you need to know about spore and its expansion pack!

if There is any issues you see feel free to tell me

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Re: Spore Guide Updated!

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Here is all the info on spore archtypes.
* ========== SPORE ========== *



1) Introduction (LX-INT)
2) Legalese (LX-LEG)
3) FAQ Update History (LX-HIS)
4) Archetypes (LX-ARC)
a) Shaman (LX-A-SHA)
b) Trader (LX-A-TRA)
c) Warrior (LX-A-WAR)
d) Diplomat (LX-A-DIP)
e) Zealot (LX-A-ZEA)
f) Scientist (LX-A-SCI)
g) Ecologist (LX-A-ECO)
h) Bard (LX-A-BAR)
i) Knight (LX-A-KNI)
j) Wanderer (LX-A-WAN)
5) Previous Phases (LX-PRE)
a) Cell (LX-P-CEL)
b) Creature (LX-P-CRE)
c) Tribe (LX-P-TRI)
d) Civilisation (LX-P-CIV)
6) Conclusion (LX-CON)


Note you can also change Archetype in the Space Stage by talking to a 5-star
empire you are allied with, who have the Archetype you want. More detail will
be given on this in each individual section.
Be aware that Change Missions cost a lot of spucks, and you must sacrifice
your previous power to earn the new one. The Change Missions are designed to
be long-term commitments, not things you can rush all at once - hence, you
must be prepared to put a bit of time in to completing them. How much varies
between archetype.

One further thing of note is the Wanderer archetype. It isn't so much an
archetype of it's own right as it is a punishment for skipping ahead.
Not only will you not have an archetype power, but you won't have all of
the little boosts that your history gets you such as Prime Specimen or
Pleasing Performance.


(Green, Strange Rings)

POWER: Return Ticket (Rate: 5/5)
This power will take you back to your home star system instantly on use.
It takes a while to recharge and you must be on a planet to use it, but
this power is extremely convenient incase you're lost in space and
need to return to your home system ASAP.

HOW TO GET IT: Majority Green (In case of a three-way tie, Civ must be green)
The majority of your traits must be green to become a Shaman.
If you started from Cell, you require at least three green traits.
If you started from Creature, you require at least two green traits. You will
also get shaman if you take one red, one blue and one green; however, the
green trait must come last which means you will need to play as a Religious
If you started from Tribe, the only way to become a Shaman is to play as
Friendly, then Religious. If you only have one green trait, you will end up
as a Diplomat, Zealot or Scientist depending on what you chose.
If you started from Civ, being Religious is the only way to become a Shaman.

The Philosophy of Harmony states that all things are connected, and that the
universe is a single whole entity, rather than a collection of individuals.
The philosophy does not just apply to living beings, but inanimate objects
too - literally everything that exists is connected. Friendly Shamans may
spend their time trying to seek a more intimate connection to everything,
where more hostile shamans may attempt to seek whatever they feel is
disrupting the universal balance and destroy it.

Shaman NPCs will have a crystalline background in the same colour as their
empire on the starmap. Their voice is female, generally high pitched and
sounds like some kind of singing or intonation.
They generally remain quiet most of the time, but they will sometimes take
a liking to you and send you gifts to tempt you into allying with them.
If they like you paticularly much, they will ask for an alliance.
In trading, Shamans offer the best prices on Colony Incredi-paks. Their
selection is mostly Social Tools, with a couple of Colony Tools thrown in.
For some reason, they don't sell diagonal Atmospheric Tools.

"We percieve your benevolent aura."
"Noble (race). Speak to us of your request."
"Let us speak mind to mind, spirit to spirit."

CHANGE MISSION: + Pay 2,500,000 Spucks
+ Use Paint/Sculpt tools on 150 different planets
This one is annoying and takes ages even when you try to rush it all at once.
It's best to just fire a paint tool every time you visit a new planet while
you're terraforming, warmongering or searching for treasure.


(Blue, Money Bags and Coins)

POWER: Cash Infusion (Rate: 2/5)
Cash Infusion is usable on alien planets in a system where you have a trade
route. Using the power causes the trade route to instantly max out, thus
making the system purchasable right away. If you're impatient and rich, this
is decent. Otherwise, I don't think it's so good. Again, YMMV.

HOW TO GET IT: Majority Blue (In case of a three-way tie, Civ must be blue)
The majority of your traits must be blue to become a Trader.
This works in exactly the same way as Shaman does with Green traits.
The more stages you skip, the more careful you will have to be if you are
determined to become a Trader.

PHILOSOPHY: Prosperity
The Tablets of Prosperity state that irregardless of what spirituality or
science would tell you about anything, you should seek happiness. Not just
for yourself, but for all - and they state that the act of Trade is the best
way to increase happiness for everyone in the universe. Friendly traders seek
new friendships through the act of trade, whereas more sinister traders seek
only their own fulfillment, ignoring the needs of others.

Traders have a circular, slightly dark metallic background, and a high
pitched male voice which sounds friendly, if perhaps a little fawning.
Traders love to meet new friends (aka customers), so they will usually start
off with a blue face relationship. They will very rarely send gifts, and
do not usually ask you for an alliance.
Suprisingly (or maybe not given they get the better end of the deal), Traders
are a bit poor when it comes to their trade screen. Overall, you can get
better prices for items with other races. They have a wide selection, though.

"You are rivaled in appearance only by the sun in splendor! Welcome!"
"We are more than happy to assist you in any way we can."
"How delightful that our magnificent friend has come to visit!"

CHANGE MISSION: + Pay 2,500,000 spucks
+ Sell 5000 items
This is probably the hardest/grindiest/most annoying change mission of the
lot. There's no easy way to do this other than fly around collecting and
selling spice for ages.


(Red, MorningStar Mace)

POWER: Raider Rally (Rate: 2/5)
Summons a bunch of pirates to attack the planet you're on. This would be
decent if pirates weren't laughably weak.

HOW TO GET IT: Majority Red (In case of a three-way tie, Civ must be red)
The majority of your traits must be Red to become a Warrior.
The same principles apply here as with Shaman and Trader.

The Stones of Force bluntly state, in a nutshell, that Might makes Right.
Force is somewhat about freedom, in that a powerful and unstoppable empire
cannot be told what to do or restrained - they will always do exactly what
they want to do, when they want to do it. In this way, they avoid enslavement
and misery for their people, even if they end up causing trouble sometimes.

Warriors have a triangular metal door in the background with empire colors at
the corners. They sound gruff and irritable, and often speak in terse bursts
of what sounds like grumbling.
Warriors are grumpy and hostile from the get-go, and will always have a
significant penalty to their relationship score. Unless you have Gracious
Greeter, they will likely start off in Orange relationship level.
Warriors will occasionally demand money from you - the amount can range from
trivial to insurmountable. Difficulty level plays a large part in this.
If you fail to pay, they will take quite a large relationship hit - this can
often push them into going to war with you.
As irritating and abrasive as Warriors can be however, it is well worth
keeping at least one around in order to access their trading wares. They are
the only NPC archetype that sells Antimatter weaponary, as well as Planet
Busters. Not only that, but they offer the best price on Uber Turrets.
With a 50% discount on each, it easily beats having to buy them from your
own colony's stores and pay full price.

"The light of your species is not yet extinguished, we see."
"You stop. Give name."
"Be quick and do not waste our time."

CHANGE MISSION: + Pay 2,500,000 spucks
+ Conquer 20 planets
Just go on the offensive. If there's no-one around you want to attack, just
leap through a black hole and slaughter everyone you find on the other side.


(Yellow, Handshake)

POWER: Static Cling (Rate: 4/5)
Paralyses all buildings and ships on the planet it's used on temporarily.
This essentially prevents anything from attacking you for a while, allowing
you to catch a break, flee, or destroy the enemy's defences with impunity.

HOW TO GET IT: Equal Green and Blue
You must have equally as many Green and Blue traits to become a Diplomat.
If you start from Cell, you must take two green traits and two blue.
If you start from Tribe, you must play either Friendly then Economic, or
Industrious then Religious. One green, one blue.
If you start from Creature or Civilisation, you cannot become a Diplomat.

The Scrolls of Order state that everything has to be brought under control,
rationalised and mediated in order to ensure democracy and fairness for every
citizen of every empire everywhere. They want to make sure disputes do not
escalate into fights, and they want to make sure no-one gets hurt over
arguments or feuds.

A stone archway decorated with the empire colours is in the background for
Diplomats. They speak with a very polite female voice.
Diplomats want to be everybody's friend, and they want everybody to be their
friend. And they want everybody's friends to be friends. And so forth.
Diplomat races love to meet newcomers, so they will start off in the blue
relationship state unless you've done something very wrong. If ignored,
they will often begin sending gifts and asking for an alliance.
Also of note is that Diplomat races seem to expand their territory extremely
quickly. The process only speeds up if you ally with them for some reason.
Diplomats are quite frankly terrible at trading. They have the smallest
selection of all the archetypes, and don't offer better prices for items
than other races.

"The Grand Council is pleased to welcome its friend."
"Now that all things are in order, please state your business."
"We are always delighted to hear from our ally."

CHANGE MISSION: + Pay 5,000,000 spucks
+ Form 5 new alliances
The easiest change mission, hands down. If you can't do this you've probably
been genociding everyone you see. Even in that instance this is very easy.


(Purple, Eye)

POWER: Fanatical Frenzy (Rate: 4/5)
This is my favourite power, personally. When used on a planet, it instantly
captures it. Yes, that's right - it just completley yoinks an entire planet
without having to damage it, it's a massive "I Win" button and great to use
on enemy homeworlds. There are two catches, however.
Catch one, the recharge time is immense. Catch two, this power is something
akin to a WMD, and breaks the "Galactic Code". This will cause spacefaring
races within about 50 parsecs of where you used it to become VERY angry at
you, making them declare war on you if you weren't in their good books.
You get -50 to relationships with each shot, which caps out at -200.
Curiously, this is inverted for the Grox, who like your style when you break
the Galactic Code. This is near-crucial to allying with them.
As an added bonus this power looks and sounds incredible to boot.

HOW TO GET IT: Equal Green and Red
You must have equally as many Green and Red traits to become a Zealot.
The same principles apply as with Diplomat. You must start from either Cell
or Tribe stage, otherwise it is impossible to become a Zealot.
If you start from cell, take two green and two red traits. If you start from
Tribe you must take one green and one red.

Faith dictates that Spode is the one truth of the universe, and that a life
not led in worship and service of Spode is a life utterly wasted. Zealots
are aggressive and will not leave alone anyone they feel they can make a
convert of; or worse, anyone they feel is a blasphemer or unbeliever.

Their background is a stained glass window in the colour of their empire, and
they speak in an odd, deep, resonating male voice.
Zealots are essentially the same as Warriors - they have no desire to
tolerate your presence, and they will demand tithes to Spode in return for
not obliterating you.
Note that allying with them, as with Warriors, will stop them from demanding
money from you.
Zealots offer the best prices (with a 50% discount) on Global Mind Erase
charges and Happiness Boosters. I tend to never use either of those much, but
you might. Aside from that they have a fairly wide selection.

"You would do well to listen to the word of Spode."
"Speak of what thou doest desire and the followers of Spode will listen."
"Reject ye not the traveler, until you know their purpose."

CHANGE MISSION: + Pay 5,000,000 spucks
+ Colonise 15 more planets
Simple. Be aware that the colony tools aren't provided, so you may have to
splash out up to 2,250,000 on colony packs. Also take note that planets means
planets - don't put colonies on planets you already own, it won't count.


(Deep Blue, Microscope)

POWER: Gravitation Wave (Rate: 3/5)
Destroys all buildings on a planet. Similar to Fanatical Frenzy, except
destructive in nature. It has the same catches however in that the recharge
time is long (Not as long as FF) and it's a WMD which angers nearby empires.
With this taken into light, it really isn't as good objectively; sure, if you
don't want the planet then just blast it to atoms. But that's exactly what a
Planet Buster is for and looks way more spectacular.

HOW TO GET IT: Equal Blue and Red
You must have equally as many Blue and Red traits to become a Scientist.
Again, start from Cell or Tribe. Anything else will make Scientist impossible
to obtain, due to there being an odd number of traits.

The Scrolls of Science extol the great mystery of the universe, and how the
Scientist must solve every mystery they find in order to find the reasons or
ramifications of everything. Scientists can seem aloof and dismissive, but
more often than not they are working to a good purpose.

A bright metallic door is in the background along with lights in the race's
starmap colour. They speak in an odd robotic, synthetic-sounding voice.
Scientists will pretty much just sit and mind their own business. They
sometimes send gifts, but that's about it.
Scientists don't sell anything at the lowest price, but they do have the
widest selection of items in the game (at least as far as consumable charge
items go), with 20 items in total. They may not have any lowest prices, but
the prices they do offer for things are pretty good. I have to wonder if
Maxis managed to get these guys's selection mixed up with Traders...

"Welcome, friend. Let us reason together."
"State your purpose of visit."
"If you don't tell us what you want, we won't be able to help you."

CHANGE MISSION: + Pay 5,000,000 spucks
+ Discover 20 new Black Holes or Proto-Planetary Discs
Very simple. Proto-Planetary Discs are pretty rare, but Black Holes are a
dime a dozen and you can find a ton by just flying around. By the time you
start taking on change missions you'll have a good enough drive to make this
trivial. The Galactic Core also counts for this, but it's like using a nuke
on an anthill.


(Olive, Leaf)

POWER: Safari Vaccuum (Rate: 5/5)
Instantly sucks up a bunch of wildlife on the planet you use it on.
Compared to how much of a fart around manually abducting a bunch of varied
stuff is, this is a massive time-saver and convenience. Specifically, it will
grab two of a whole bunch of things - note that on a T3 planet with a full
food web, it won't get two of everything. It does get you enough to save a
ton of time, though. The recharge isn't too bad, either.

HOW TO GET IT: Two Green, One Blue, One Red
You must start from Cell to become an Ecologist. Starting from any other
stage will make it impossible to accomplish.

The Stones of Life say all living things are connected by the Life Web,
sometimes also called the Wondrous Well. Life is to be protected and
respected, and those who corrupt and exploit are to be destroyed. In
some ways, the philosophy of Life bears great similarity to that of
Harmony, however Life is largely not concerned with things that aren't
alive, as one might expect.

A wooden knot adorns the background, along with empire-coloured leaves.
Ecologists will generally keep quiet and leave you alone, but sometimes if
you do a lot of terraforming, they will decide they like you and begin
sending you gifts regularly.
Ecologists offer the lowest prices on Atmospheric Tools, unsuprisingly.
Their selection is mostly Social Tools like the Creature Tweaker.

"We surrender! Please! We- Oh hey everyone, look! It's (race)!"
"Peace and light. What is your wish?"
"Take your time... enjoy the waves of the galactic flow..."

CHANGE MISSION: + Pay 10,000,000 spucks
+ Complete 50 ecosystems
It sounds more grindy than it is. Simply suck up 50 each of one large, medium
and small plant, two herbivores and a carnivore. Then go around and find T1
or T2 worlds (NOT T0, they take longer to terraform), terraform them up and
drop one of each onto the world. You can also look for Partial-T1 worlds,
which show up as a tree icon on the starmap.


(Turquoise, Dice)

POWER: Soothing Song (Rate: 3/5)
Firing off this power on a planet at war with you will cause them to stop
attacking you as long as the power lasts and as long as you dont attack them.
The song lasts for quite a long while and you can leave the planet and travel
around space and the song will persist. It's essentially "calling a time out"
with an enemy, or a more mobile version of Static Cling.
One tip: Turn off your auto-blaster if you decide to use this power!
Enemy ships will circle around your ship to listen to the music, and your
auto-blaster will attack them and break the song unless you turn it off.

HOW TO GET IT: Two Blue, One Green, One Red
You must start from Cell to become a Bard. Starting from any other stage will
make it impossible to accomplish.

The Philosophy of Chance is something akin to nihilism without the misery.
The followers state that there is no point in anything, and therefore no
point in taking any of it seriously. They are out for fun, and to do
whatever they feel like. They love the suprises and uncertainties in life.

Wooden door with metal trimmings as the background, extremely screechy and
excitable voice with a tendancy for shouting.
Bards are generally quiet, but will occasionally throw gifts at you for no
apparent reason. That's how they roll, I guess.
Bards offer the lowest prices on Fireworks and Spice Storage units. Aside
from that, they have a small selection and don't sell non-diagonal Atmosphere
Tools for some bizarre reason.

"Wait, wait! Let us guess what you want! Hmmm.. is it... an umbrella?!"
"Do you want some cake? We have any cake? Oh wait.. we don't have any cake."
"As for us, we're not humble at all!"


CHANGE MISSION: + Pay 10,000,000 spucks
+ Find 25 rare items
This one can be greatly annoying if you aren't lucky.
Note that planet sculpt/colour tools do not count towards the total.


(Fuschia, Sword)

POWER: Summon Mini-U (Rate: 4/5)
Summons an allied ship, which manifests as a smaller version of whatever ship
you are piloting at the time. In some ways this is actually better than
regular allied ships, since you won't anger the owner if the mini-ship
happens to die. It functions the same in all ways except one - it's temporary
and will explode after around 3-5 minutes of being present.
However, the ability's recharge syncs perfectly with the mini-ship's expiry,
so you can just summon a new one right away.

HOW TO GET IT: Two Red, One Green, One Blue
You must start from Cell to become a Knight. Starting from any other stage
will make it impossible to accomplish.

Knights are obsessed with justice and will seek out anything they consider
evil or criminal and destroy it.

For some reason, Spore doesn't allow NPC races to be Knights.
Any race you make as a Knight will show up ingame as a Warrior if visited
with another spacefaring race.


(Grey, Winding Path)

POWER: None (Rate: 0/5)
Wanderers don't get any power. Like I said earlier, this is less of an
archetype and more of a punishment for skipping ahead.
The game expects you to play through from Cell ideally. This all said, being
a Wanderer isn't crippling or even inconvenient, it just means you don't have
as many advantages or bonuses, if any at all.

HOW TO GET IT: Start at the Space Stage.
That's the only way to get Wanderer - skip everything.

Wanderers aren't committed to any philosophy. They're pretty much the
ultimate in generic.

Wanderers are technically the most encountered species in the game - when the
game decides that it's a "wanderer" species's turn to be used in the game, it
simply assigns it a random archetype from above (excluding Knight). It then
functions like a normal one of those in every way.

You can't become a Wanderer by choice. Why would you even want to?




Playing through the previous phases confer bonuses on you in the Space Stage.
This is mainly what the "How to get it" part of each archetype is referring to
when I say Green, Blue or Red. This is also why being a Wanderer is bad.
You're not HURT by skipping stages, you just don't gain something like usual.

Normally, Red is the aggressive route, Green is the nice route, and Blue is
the middle ground.


GREEN: Herbivore
BONUS: Social Suave (0/5)
Social Suave gives you a 20% discount on the cost of all Social Tools,
the ones that go in the green panel of your toolbox.

Social Tools are usually fairly expensive, so this would be good: note my
use of the word "would". The discount only applies when you are buying
from one of your own colonies, where normally you have to pay full price
for all items. The 20% knocks it down a bit, but this still isn't good.

Let's use Creature Tweaker as an example. Normally, bought from your own
colony, a Creature Tweaker charge would cost you 500,000 spucks. With 20%
of the cost taken away, it's brought down to 400,000. The problem is that
alien races selling Creature Tweakers (Shaman, Trader, Scientist and
Ecologist races) sell lower still: Trader sells it for 325,000, and the
other three sell it for 250,000!

So even with the discount, you're still getting majorly ripped off if you
buy from yourself. This makes the ability completley and utterly useless.

HOW TO GET IT: Eat mostly green plant bits.

BLUE: Omnivore
(Apple and Chicken Leg)
BONUS: Gentle Generalist (0/5)
Gives you a 20% discount on the cost of all Spaceship Upgrades.
This includes Health, Energy, Drives, Cargo Holds, and the Wormhole Key.

For the same reasons as Social Suave, this trait is utterly worthless.
Infact, this trait is even MORE useless than the other discounts!
Social, Colony and Weapon tools all have consumable ammo type tools you'll
need to keep buying charges for. With spaceship upgrades, once you've
fully upgraded your ship then the discount pretty much becomes redundant.

HOW TO GET IT: Eat a mixed diet of plant bits and meat/other cells/blood.
This becomes much easier if you manage to get the Proboscis part, which
can eat plant bits and drinks the blood of live cells. The only downside
is it can't eat free-floating meat chunks,but it's a small disadvantage.
If you can't get the Proboscis, just keep an eye on your history and
switch between Filter and Jaw as needed.

RED: Carnivore
(Chicken Leg)
BONUS: Power Monger (4/5)
Increases the amount of damage your weapons do.

Personally I don't think the increase is all that noticeable overall, but
it's still a nice thing to have around. Though given the "competition"
from the other cell stage abilities...

HOW TO GET IT: Eat mostly meat/other cells/blood.



GREEN: Social (Speech Bubble)
BONUS: Pleasing Performance (2/5)
Keeps your colonies happy and reduces chance of revolt.

I have never once had a revolt even without this bonus, so i'm not sure
what use this is. This said, I pretty much never let my colonies dip into
the red for happiness anyhow, so in theory i'm assuming this ability will
let you overwork your colonists for longer, should you choose to.
Mixing it with Spice Savant from Civ may lead to lots and lots of spice.

HOW TO GET IT: Make friends with other creatures.

BLUE: Adaptable (Speech Bubble and Targeting Sights)
BONUS: Speed Demon (1/5)
Makes your ship travel faster on the interstellar map.

Aside from fleeing from enemy territory (easy enough to begin with)
this is pretty pointless. Unless you're really late or something.

HOW TO GET IT: Make friends with some creatures, extinct others.
You may need to evolve back and forth between social parts and combat
parts to do this efficiently.

RED: Predator (Targeting Sights)
BONUS: Prime Specimen (3/5)
Increases the total amount of health your ship has.

It's a decent trait to have, given you can't get it any other way, but
remember that being careful and avoiding damage altogether is something
you should always try - for everything else, there's Repair Mega Packs...

HOW TO GET IT: Make other creatures extinct.



GREEN: Friendly (Musical Note)
BONUS: Gracious Greeting (3/5)
Gives you an extra +10 to relationships with alien empires.

It's good enough to always have a little extra kick to your attempts to
make friends, but +10 is a really small amount when you could just fling
money at them or use a Happy Ray to endear even the most grumpy empires.
Given the other traits are both horrible discounts though, if you're
minmaxing then just stick with this. It's the only good trait from Tribe.

HOW TO GET IT: Ally with other tribes, give gifts.

BLUE: Industrious (Hammer)
BONUS: Colony Craze (0/5)
Gives you a 20% discount on Colony Tools purchased from your own colonies.

Terrible. See Social Suave under Cell for an explanation.

HOW TO GET IT: Stay balanced between being friendly and hostile.

RED: Aggressive (Spiked Mace)
BONUS: Arms Dealer (0/5)
Gives a 20% discount on Weapon Tools (Red) purchased from your own colonies.

Total garbage like the other discount traits.

HOW TO GET IT: Kill off other tribes, kill tribe members.


GREEN: Religious (Eye)
BONUS: Green Keeper (1/5)
Reduces the likelihood of bio-disasters.

Putting down a Bio-Stabiliser and Bio-Protector on a planet at the same
time all but completley removes bio-disasters completley, so this is
largely useless except in the early parts of space stage where those
tools aren't available, or when you've got no money handy to buy some.

HOW TO GET IT: Take over cities via religious conversion.

BLUE: Economic (Bag of Money)
BONUS: Spice Savant (5/5)
Increases your spice production rate by 50%.

It's always nice to have more spice and with this you'll get it a good
bit faster. Combine this, Pleasing Performance and a Happiness Booster
and you'll be swimming in a vault full of spice, McDuck-style.

HOW TO GET IT: Take over cities by buying them.

RED: Military (Crossed Swords)
BONUS: Pirates-B-Gone (3/5)
Reduces the likelihood of pirate raids.

I'm not sure whether this refers to the thieving pirates or raiding
pirates, but 1) it isn't too noticeable a decrease, 2) thieving pirates
can be stopped by an uber-turret, and 3) raiding pirates can be stopped
by an uber turret if you show up to supervise.

This said, Raiding Pirates are the one of two things you can never
completley stop from happening with the colony tools (the other being Grox
raids, which you can simply choose to never START), so this may be useful
if you're taking the thorough approach with your colonies.

HOW TO GET IT: Take over cities by conquering them with force.
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Re: Spore Guide Updated!

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Here is the prices of all the items in space Stage.
Colonization Edit
Uber Turret: §750,000
Spice Storage: §500,000
Colony Incredi-Pak: §150,000
Bio Stabilizer: §300,000
Bio Protector: §300,000
Happiness Booster: §300,000
Loyalty Booster: §300,000

Weapons Edit
Planet Buster: §5,000,000
Mini Auto Blaster: §100,000
Auto Blaster: §300,000
Mega Auto Blaster: §900,000
Mini Bomb: §400,000
Justa Bomb: §800,000
Mega Bomb: §2,400,000
Laser: §500,000
Mega Laser: §1,500,000
Rally Call: §750,000
Mini Pulse: §200,000
Pulse: §400,000
Mega Pulse: §1,200,000
Proton Missile: §400,000
Mega Proton Missile: §1,200,000
Anti-Matter Missile: §250,000
Anti-Matter Bomb: §400,000
Cloaking Device: §250,000
AOE Repair: §50,000
Shield: §500,000
Repair Pack: §10,000
Repair Mega Pack: §20,000
Energy Pack: §10,000
Energy Mega Pack: §20,000

Socialization Tools Edit
Mini Happy Ray: §200,000
Medium Happy Ray: §500,000
Super Happy Ray: §1,500,000
Fireworks: §24,000
Mind Erase: §300,000
Global Mind Erase: §50,000
Embassy: §500,000
Crop Circles: §80,000
Monolith: §500,000
Species Eradicator: §250,000
Supersizer: §400,000
Creature Tweaker: §500,000
Create Creature: §1,500,000
Wildlife Sanctuary: §600,000

Main Tools Edit
Hologram Scout: §200,000
Planet Scan: §100,000

Planet Atmospheric Edit
Cloud Accumulator: §450,000
Cloud Vacuum: §450,000
Refrigeration Ray: §450,000
Heat Ray: §450,000
Air Conditioning: §600,000
Hot Cloud Seeder: §600,000
Hot Cloud Vacuum: §600,000
Cold Cloud Vacuum: §600,000
Atmosphere Generator: §150,000
Drought Generator: §150,000
Ice Storm: §150,000
Meteor Shower: §150,000
Ice Comet: §225,000
Volcano: §225,000
Asteroid Call Button: §225,000
Atmosphere Freezer: §225,000

Planet Sculpting Edit
Raise Terrain (Small): §75,000
Lower Terrain (Small): §75,000
Level Terrain (Small): §75,000
Raise Terrain (Medium): §100,000
Lower Terrain (Medium): §100,000
Level Terrain (Medium): §100,000
Raise Terrain (Large): §200,000
Lower Terrain (Large): §200,000
Level Terrain (Large): §200,000
Terra Hills: §150,000
Terra Plateaus: §300,000
Terra Craters: §150,000
Terra Mesas: §300,000
Terra Seas: §900,000
Terra River: §300,000
Terra Mountain: §600,000
Terra Canyon: §300,000
Terra Lava Flow: §600,000

Ship Abilities Edit
Interstellar Drive 2: §150,000
Interstellar Drive 3: §300,000
Interstellar Drive 4: §750,000
Interstellar Drive 5: §2,000,000
Wormhole Key: §3,000,000
Small Energy Storage: 150,000
Medium Energy Storage: §300,000
Large Energy Storage: §450,000
Extreme Energy Storage: §600,000
Small Health: §150,000
Medium Health: §300,000
Large Health: §450,000
Extreme Health: §600,000
Basic Cargo Hold: §100,000
Medium Cargo Hold: §200,000
Large Cargo Hold: §500,000
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Re: Spore Guide Updated!

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Here are planet prices
Table of Offers
500,000 - Can usually succeed on systems with only a city hall and nothing else
1,000,000 - Usually works on T0 systems
3,000,000 - Usually works on T1 systems
5,000,000 - Usually works on T2 systems
10,000,000 - Always successful even on Homeworlds
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Re: Spore Guide Updated!

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i like this.
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Re: Spore Guide Updated!

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Davo wrote:i like this.
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