A Tutorial on Names in Sporemaster

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A Tutorial on Names in Sporemaster

Unread postby NotSure » Sat Jul 02, 2011 4:09 pm

Open up Sporemaster, make sure you have Spore_game unpacked, and fine Creaturegame click the little arrow to the left of it to drop down the props, and locate Creaturegametuning.prop In this file do a search for BAF251A1 (If you want to you can actually search for this to automatically be brought to this spot as well)
Try changing the value to one of these three:
.1, .25, 2, 5, 10, 100

Notice how it only takes one change in value for one address to change the size of your creatures

Ok since you have now established the exact spot to increase/decrease the size of your creatures, highlight the BAF251A1 without the #. Click on the Names tab. Look at the hash, and notice it is the same number you have highlighted.

Next Click on the Guess Names, and locate the name you think would be appropriate for this mod.
Once found click save...

There you have it, you have taken an unknown address key, and were successful at finding the appropriate name for it. You will notice that there are multiple places that use the BAF251A1...Try changing those values as well. Let me know what names you come up with BAF251A1, and I'll tell you what I came up with.
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