o...no..sneeks and smallz better watch ya balls....

Kick rhymes with the community, try to gain immunity, soon you'll see, i think that you're doomed you flea...
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MC Sneeks
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Poster of the New User Apocalypse
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o...no..sneeks and smallz better watch ya balls....

Unread postby MC Sneeks » Tue Aug 24, 2010 10:14 am

O no I got smallz in the text, so fro keep trying your best, he’ll skin off your flesh give you a mesh shirt with a skirt then tell you to dance and as you prance around in your new evening gown waiting for inch to run your punk sassafrass in the ground with another mc sound, figa will whimper trying to deliver another acid pro jam trying to upset sneeks plans to masturbate all over your man, fro that’s you, need a towel I think you may need two, cause smallz is gizzin all over your cheeks while your flow keeps putting me to sleep, go ahead reach for your Iphone you Iclone search for the ugliest DJ alive you’ll see a close up your forehead with mushroom stamp signed inch, figa, give yourself a little pinch cause your dreaming, now watch me spray every DJ with bleeding semen, smallz laughing at the sight, every time yall try to bite us with a play on words but It sounds even worse time after time must be a fucken curse to say phrases that smell like a hearse, you want a starburst as you wait for another MC verse, to bad so sad be glad I didn’t put in an ad calling both of you fags looking for transsexuals on their rag, as soon you realize yall been snuck by he again, the sneakiest mc along with smallz, now just waiting for inch to smack you with his balls….

Mc out

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