hey bitches

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hey bitches

Unread postby MC Smalls » Mon Aug 23, 2010 9:04 am

hey bitches i'm back and thats a fuckin fact betta believe it cause i'm back on track and ready to attack i'll raise the army get em all stoned roll trough yo stuff like hairspray through the o zone a dj cant even spin till the mc gives the go sign so rewind that stuff you been talkin round your own kind and keep your fuckin hand out what rightfully is mine i'm the boss mother fucker i shouldnt have to remind but if i have to then i guess you can waste a bit of my time i got sneeks and inch but thats two more then i need but i dont mind sharin when theres asses to be beat so i'll send the envoy in the convoy and prepare to deploy the new ploy hope ya like red dots cause we got some on our new toys course i could keep it clean by just severing some brake lines looks like an accident my alibei is airtight thats all i got for now but dont be scared hit me back benn a long time comin this is smalls sighnin out

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